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Toxic Masculinity? – 720

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Toxic Masculinity? – 720

Di Off The Bench with Heidi St. John

Lunghezza: 21 minuti


Recently, a viral ad sparked frustration when it took aim at “toxic masculinity.” Today, I’ll address a few questions from listeners about God’s view of male and female and why I believe we need more, not less masculine men in our culture. Ultimately, our struggle is not with our gender. It’s a struggle with sin, and neither sex is immune the the struggle. God has created us differently. Let’s celebrate what He has created!

Articles Mentioned
What’s Really Toxic is “Toxic Masculinity”
Grasping at Manhood
WALSH: Psychologists Say Toxic Masculinity is “Harmful” That is Utter Nonsense

Scriptures Mentioned

* 1 Peter 2:11
* Ephesians 5:3
* Proverbs 6:27
* Isaiah 50:7
* Romans 13:14

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