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Apr 27, 2016
Episodio podcast


Episode 97: Jamie Mendell is a health & lifestyle coach, specializing in helping women on a journey to supreme self care. She believes that as women focus on deeply taking care of themselves - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually - they learn how to love themselves, be who they really are, and live their most authentic, meaningful lives. For 10 years, Jamie struggled with food and her weight. By learning how to heal this area of her life, she actually discovered how to transform many parts of her life and herself in order to live a life guided by passion, joy and freedom. She's coached thousands of women on how to go through their own personal transformations and believes that every woman deserves an extraordinary life.

Show notes:

Jamie's poor relationship with food and how it controlled many aspects of her life
Why teaching self-care is at the heart of her coaching business
How to make sure intuitive eating does not turn into another diet
The one thing about intuitive eating I don't really like, and therefore I don't want my clients doing
Why I love Mindful Eating (get the book HERE)
Why you should never let yourself do this one thing when you're doing intuitive eating
Whether or not you should surround yourself with online intuitive eating support, or instead back away completely
Some of Jamie's tips on how to overcome disordered eating and begin eating intuitively
The importance of allowing pleasure in your life as much as possible
Some of the struggles Jamie faces abroad in regards to food, balance and intuitive eating
How she learned to accept the fact that her body was changing abroad and accept food being one of the most pleasurable aspects of her day

Connect with Jamie:


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Apr 27, 2016
Episodio podcast