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Sep 14, 2016
Episodio podcast


Episode 118: Mansal Denton is the co-founder of Nootropedia (new-trow-picks), which is an unbiased and accessible platform to learn about nootropics and smart drugs. When he isn't improving cognitive function in others, he enjoys a host of active hobbies. He likes jiu-jitsu when his body allows, meditation, and a healthy dose of travel. He enjoys learning lessons whether they come from life experience or books and podcasts.

Show notes:

How My Insecurities Led Me To Prison by Mansal Denton
In Prison I Found My Freedom Through My Personal Discipline
Why Mansal stole historical documents in order to visit a woman in Europe
How getting arrested changed and challenged him, but how 6 months in prison completely transformed him
How "Mans" was the nickname he wanted people to call him so they wouldn't find out about his sentencing
His parents' reaction when they found out about his theft
The process he took in order to start speaking up, and eventually shouting out, to release shame
I share something about my past I've never shared before...(It involves stealing... yup!)
The science behind empathy and how people take on others' emotions
The beautiful balance between surrendering to what you cannot control, and controlling what you can
Discipline that creates SHAME looks like: "I have to do XYZ or I'm not good enough" whereas discipline that creates FREEDOM looks like: "I want to do XYZ because that will get me closer to the person I want to be."
How Mansal created discipline and routine in prison (and why he was adamant about sticking to it)
Making lists every single day kept him in a creative spurt
His desire to keep his body active and moving in prison (with very little outdoor time)
The types of food that you have to eat in prison, and how Mansal learned to let go his standards of food
The time Mansal had to stand up for himself in prison, and some of the things you have to watch out for
Must-read book: Zen Mind Beginner's Mind

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Sep 14, 2016
Episodio podcast