Harmonizing the Feminine and the Masculine

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Harmonizing the Feminine and the Masculine

Da Mind Body Musings Podcast: Feminine Embodiment | Surrender & Trust | Relationships | Limiting Beliefs | Authenticity

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Episode 148: The Feminine and the Masculine energies contribute to forming every single relationship you have in your life, especially the one you have with yourself. For the longest time, my "masculine-minded" tendencies contributed to my development of self-destructive behaviors, motivated by fear and the need for control.

I was so addicted to the pursuit of control and perfectionism, that I thrived off of feeling as disengaged from my Feminine as possible, and as "into" my own version of Masculinity as I could be. I tried to act tough, strong, disciplined and structured because I feared the sensitive softness that my heart yearned for.

You may be wondering, what qualities are Masculine and which ones are Feminine? How does your unique balance of the two energies contribute to the type of romantic relationships you develop? How can an "imbalance" affect your mindset, energy and love life? What does it mean to live out femininity through fear and masculinity through insecurity? What does water and fire have to do with the harmony between Feminine and Masculine?

In this episode, I'm going to cover EVERYTHING about ​harmonizing these two energies and how to create romantic relationships that will truly thrive. Get ready, because it's a good one!

Show notes:

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Why I was addicted to being in control and obsessed with "checking off" boxes in my life
What it means to be masculine-minded
How insecurity-based masculinity makes you egotistical
Perfectionism as a way of living for someone who wants to be in control all the time
Why fitness was the path I chose to live a very systematic life
How being too masculine can attract men who are more in their feminine
Why "opposites attract" doesn't always work
Stepping into your femininity in order to make the relationship work
Characteristics of the Masculine and the Feminine
Why you need to harmonize (not balance) masculinity and femininity
Why you want someone who is open to all areas of the spectrum of emotions
What to do when you feel disconnected with your femininity

Be closer with Mother Nature
Have community
Lean In

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