Case File 140-Teotihuacan

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Case File 140-Teotihuacan


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Before the creation of the 5th age, in which we live, the world had already been destroyed four times over. The first had been devoured by jaguars sent by god Tezcatlipoca after he was struck from the sky by his brother Quetzacoatl. The second world that followed had been swept clean by the mighty winds of the very same Quetzacoatl after its inhabitants had descended into savagery and showed no reverence for their gods. The third world perished in a great rain of fire that left nothing but ashes. From these ashes the Aztec gods rebuilt the world and this time its caretaker was to be the goddess Chalchiuhtlicue, “she of the jade skirt”. Accused of caring for humans out of selfishness and only loving them for their praise and worship the goddess wept tears of blood that flooded the world and ended the age of the 4th sun. At the beginning of the time of the 5th sun the gods of the Aztec pantheon gathered within their magnificent city. Here the gods sacrificed themselves to usher in a new age. This city still stands today, abandoned long before the Aztec became a mighty empire. Who built the monumental pyramids that the Aztec found and led them to name this sacred place “The city of the gods”? What secrets have archaeologists uncovered since its excavation? What mysteries still intrigue scientists to this very day? Join the Theorists as they take take a stroll down the Avenue of the Dead within the truly lost city of...Teotihuacan 
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