ZBT #196: Zero Blog Thirty Book Club #1: The Enlistment

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ZBT #196: Zero Blog Thirty Book Club #1: The Enlistment

Da Zero Blog Thirty

Lunghezza: 64 minuti


Round 1: The chief negotiator for the Taliban reported that a “deal is done” involving the closure of 5 US bases in Afghanistan. Is the war over? Did we win? Well, it's hard to say. Round 2: A historic class graduated from Ranger school last week. It included the first ever Air Force woman to complete the course and former NBA player Marshall Plumlee who is 7 feet tall and you can't teach that. Round 3: I sat down with former Army infantry officer and Captain Will Bardenwerper and talked about his journey from Princeton to Wall Street to Iraq and everywhere in between. Round 4: We are going to be working our way through the greatest book I've ever read. The book is called The Enlistment. It's a self-published, completely unedited-masterpiece that I cannot wait to reveal to the world. 
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