Egyptology (ANCIENT EGYPT) with Kara Cooney

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Egyptology (ANCIENT EGYPT) with Kara Cooney

Da Ologies

Lunghezza: 80 minuti


After a decade of fandom, Alie finally meets famed Egyptologist Dr. Kara Cooney -- and forgets her equipment. They meet again for a spirited history lesson on ancient Egypt: the pyramids, the monarchs, the dynasties, the cats, the corpses, the curses. Kara also lays out the history of female kings and their parallels to modern Western politics, what it's like to talk to a mummy, and why we should stop overworking. Also: lost dongs and transparent toilets. This episode is one for the ages.Dr. Kara Cooney's Facebook pageDr. Kara Cooney on Twitter & InstagramPre-order "When Women Ruled the World: Six Queens of Egypt," released Nov. 6 2018Become a patron of Ologies for as little as a buck a month: has hats, shirts, pins, totes!Follow @Ologies on Twitter or InstagramFollow @AlieWard on Twitter or InstagramMore links at www.alieward.comSound editing by Steven Ray MorrisTheme song by Nick Thorburn
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