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034 - Salt Water Kills Them: Leandra Vane aka The Unlaced Librarian

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This week, Dick Wound and minimus maximus are joined by Leandra Vane to discuss her blog on human sexuality.  We also unpack a few of her more unconventional fetishes, learn a little bit about what kink is like in Nebraska, and explore her book Trophy Wife: Sexuality. Disability. Femininity.  PLEASE RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE to the show! Keep us ad free!  Give us a buck or two: Check out our new website! Questions or comments for the show: Find us on fetlife: Follow our guest on fetlife: Follow us on Twitter: @ocpkink @DickWound @MinimusMaxim @Leandra_Vane Don't forget to check out our friend's podcasts: Will Sean Podcast? RISK! (friend of the show Kevin Allison's podcast)

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