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090 - I Wanna Hear YOU Say It: Andrew Gurza - Disability After Dark

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This week, Dick and max are joined by fellow podcaster, Andrew Gurza from the Disability After Dark podcast, to talk about disability in relation to sexuality and kink.   Check out his podcast Disability After Dark, and be sure to visit his website and follow him on Twitter @andrewgurza and @disaftdarkpod Support the show by paying for max's pain! Questions or comments for the show: 1 (631) 881 KINK Find us on fetlife: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @ocpkink Follow Dick Wound on Spotify: @ocpkink Check out our sister shows from PODCAST JUKEBOX: Will Sean Podcast? ProudToBeKinky Podcast &Drinks with God Also check out our friend's shows: RISK! The Bed Post Podcast  & American Sex Opening and closing theme music: HOUND DOG RUN by This'll Kill Ya!

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