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What Does it Mean to Be a Feminist Today? 3 Generations of Women Weigh In, Ep.99: T&A talk with 3 generations of women - self-described feminists - about what it meant to be a feminist for Helene, (79), to what a feminist is today for Annie,

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Feminism is a hot topic today! With so much pressure to be a feminist - or be "pro-fem", wearing a "this is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt - T&A had to ask, what does it mean to be a feminist? After an alarming audition for a network TV show, 'A' questioned 'are we going in the right direction?' Listen in as 3 generations of women - Helen (79), Gina, from Gen-x, and Annie (17), all from the same family - discuss feminism.  ...and what does that mean for the men in our lives? These ladies speak honestly and openly about our own experiences, what concerns us most moving forward in our culture, and how we, as men and women, can all self-actualize for more contentment! 

Helene graduated college in 1957.  She hosted consciousness raising groups in the 60's, and worked for many years with the League of Women Voters on the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and more! Gina is an award winning filmmaker including films screened at Sundance Film Festival, shortlisted for an Oscar nomination, and collaboration on documentary work that lead to a Pulitzer Prize.  Annie is a Gen-Z girl about to graduate high school. She is already proactive in changing Sex Ed policies in New York and participates in various Civil Rights organizations.  

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