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Anal Sex: What you're doing wrong that turns her off, w/H. Alan Scott Ep.77: H. Alan Scott joins T&A to help make sense of anal sex, and how to make it pleasurable for all involved!

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H. Alan Scott, comedian, writer for Vice, Fusion, and co-host of the Golden Girls podcast, Out On the Lanai, offers the gay male perspective with anal play and sex to help T&A untease this challenging sex act.  'A' shares her frustration with lovers who are eager to play back there, but don't know what they're doing.  Do you want to have anal sex with your partner, but they don't? Are you curious & don't know where to start? Do you do it, but feel like it's an unpleasant chore? Take the time to learn the art of anal play, so that you both can have fun trying something new! 

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