44. Are You Cliterate?

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44. Are You Cliterate?

Da The Sexually Liberated Woman

Lunghezza: 61 minuti


Ev'Yan chats with conceptual artist Sophia Wallace, who is best known for her viral art project Cliteracy, to have a fiery talk about the clitoris. They touch on all the misconceptions around the clitoris, debunk some of the most stubborn myths about clits and pleasure, and call out our own internalized patriarchal biases surrounding this for-pleasure-only sexual network.Other things discussed: The actual true anatomy of the clitoris; the difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasms; the importance of clit-centered pleasure; and how we can all become more cliterate.Click here for show notes + a transcript of this episodeTo revisit old episodes and to become a patron on Patreon, go to sexuallyliberatedwoman.com.Find more about Ev'Yan and her work at evyanwhitney.com. Follow her on Instagram: @evyan.whitney.. . .CREDITSMusic: Otis MacDonald and Comfort FitEditing help: Samantha RidellCover photo: Celeste NocheDesign: Bianca Ng
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