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BTP40: Ask Brigit – How to Start Learning Tarot: My best tips for how to get started as a Tarot beginner.

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Every day of every week, I get asked for my advice, knowledge and opinion about Tarot. From how to learn the Tarot card meanings, to reading for friends and family, all the way to how to start a successful Tarot business. You name it! While I would love to be able to answer each and every question personally, due to the volume it's sadly impossible. So, I've created a special Ask Brigit series on the Biddy Tarot Podcast to respond to some of the most commonly asked questions about Tarot. In this Ask Brigit podcast, we're going right back to basics and talking about how to start learning Tarot. I'll answer your questions about where to begin, what deck to use, how to focus on the right things and my personal journey with learning to read Tarot. Additional Resources Start learning Tarot with the Biddy Tarot Community. Get the low-down on Tarot with my Tarot 101 course, ask questions in the forums and join me every month in our training webinars. Join now!   Join the conversation at

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