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Human Caravan, Shootings, and Russian War Preparations on Prepper Intelligence: Human Caravan, Shootings, and Russian War Preparations on Prepper Intelligence

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Human Caravan

A caravan of several thousand undocumented migrants from Central American is currently making its way across Mexico and heading towards the United States.

Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

11 dead, 6 injured in Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

Russia Prepares for War

Russian diplomat Andrei Belousov confirmed Friday that Russia is preparing to defend its territory against any aggression, while the unilateral withdrawal from the INF Treaty by the US signals that Washington is preparing for such aggression.

Lancashire Earthquake

Fracking halted again in Lancashire after 17th earthquake in 9 days

Dow plunges

Dow plunges more than 600 points and Nasdaq falls into correction

Mail Bomber Update

The nationwide manhunt for a serial bombmaker targeting prominent Democrats ended with the arrest of a South Florida man on Friday.

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