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The Outdoor Culture Is Killing Us: After seven years of military service, Army vet Stacy Bare sought the camaraderie of the outdoor community to help cope with his transition to civilian life, only to find that it could just as nearly kill him as save him.

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Stacy Bare's life has always been big. He's a big man with an even bigger personality. ROTC scholarship at age 17. Played rugby when he wasn’t deployed during his time with the Army. Served in the Army with tours in Sarajevo and Baghdad and civilian stints in explosive ordnance disposal in Angola and the Republic of Georgia. When Stacy returned from military service, his big life turned into a big problem — alcoholism and addiction. Stacy knew the way he was navigating life no longer worked, so he sought the camaraderie of the outdoor community. However, he found that it could just as nearly kill him, as save him.Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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