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A Global Perspective on Healing After Trauma: Where Health and Human Rights Meet: Hear from clinicians working directly with Bay Area refugees and asylum seekers about how they are restoring health and awakening hope in response to human rights abuses.

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Nick Nelson, MBBS
Medical Director, Highland Hospital Human Rights Clinic; Advisory Board Member, Partnerships for Trauma Recovery

Sita Patel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, Palo Alto University; Board Member, Partnerships for Trauma Recovery

Annika Sridharan, MSW, Psy.D
Founder, Clinical and Training Director at Partnerships for Trauma Recovery

Katie Hafner
Journalist; Contributor, The New York Times—Moderator

This event was recorded in-front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on November 15th, 2018.

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