Ep. 252: What is the Rebbe’s Approach to Anti-Semitism?

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Ep. 252: What is the Rebbe’s Approach to Anti-Semitism?

Da MyLife: Chassidus Applied

Lunghezza: 70 minuti


• Chassidus Applied to Vayikra and Zachor 4:04
• Lessons from 9 Adar II – 79 years since the Frierdiker Rebbe’s arrival to America 14:04
• What should I do about my doubts in G-d? 23:46
• Why do we need to ask G-d for our needs in prayer – doesn’t G-d know what we need? 28:40
• How can we begin to daven the way Chassidus expects of us? 34:25
Prayer continued
• How can we as a couple overcome our obstacles? Can we expect a brighter future? 42:30
• Should one write BS”D or B"H on an email or a computer document? 45:59
• Follow-up (episodes 250-251):
    o What is the Rebbe’s approach to Anti-Semitism? 50:44
    o Why did G-d make the most sacred human organ also the one used for expelling waste? 56:30
• Chassidus question: What is the kelipah of Amalek in our personal lives? And how do we reconcile the two statements that Amalek is daas of kelipah and that there is no daas in sitra achra? 59:55
• My Life 2018 essays:
    o Social Belonging and Individuality, Mishael Elmalem, 41, Jerusalem, Israel; 01:04:39
    o Your Heart Follows Your Actions, Shneur Zalman Brod, 25, Rechovot, Israel 01:06:10
    o Discovering Meaning in Life by Contemplating on Creation, Arie Yulus-Ziskind, 19, Israel 01:07:38
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