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31. Being Jewish In Trump's America

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31. Being Jewish In Trump's America

Di 2 Jews Talking

Lunghezza: 87 minuti


We never thought when we set out to record a podcast called 2 Jews Talking that our title could potentially become worrisome for us. We never thought we'd have to do an episode about the rise in anti-semitism in this country, but here we are. Tune in as we discuss our very real fears, anxieties and anger about living in Donald Trump's America.
This episode is a long one so feel free to jump ahead to:
*Erika's premonition that Trump would win: 07:49
*Josh's first experience with fake Internet news in 2007: 12:38
*A dad joke to make you feel better about Donald Trump: 18:51
*On being the product of great-grandparents who fled anti-semitism in Europe: 27:30
*Josh on Jews and Jewish organizations who've supported Trump: 32:42
*A lesson on fascism by Professor Josh: 39:00
*On channeling anger through activism: 48:28
*On being an outsider in America: 01:00:00
*Josh On why "Jews are no longer white people.": 01:02:45
*The "But Ivanka is Jewish" argument: 01:07:45
*Erika on the emotional toll the fear has taken on her and on the most important thing you can do for yourself this week if you're going through the same: 01:21:00
Reach out and connect with us (unless you're "Nazi Punks") or 323-JEWS-018. We want to hear from you and how you're coping in the face of a Trump presidency. Let us know how we can help you!
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