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Giving Presents: Giving a gift - simple pleasure or risky business?

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A present connects, communicates and makes people generally happy. It can strengthen a relationship, but also jeopardise it. Have you ever wondered why a certain present was chosen for you? And how much thought goes into the presents you give?
This Why Factor unwraps the social complexities that surround the giving of gifts.

Lore Wolfson finds out what makes a perfect present and receives clues on how to choose it. While revealing the risks inherent to the act, especially when a gift is given across cultures, she also learns why it’s best not to give a clock to someone from China and seeks advice on the pitfalls that need to be navigated.

A psychologist uncovers some underlying motivations of why we give presents and shares tips on dealing with disappointing ones.

The truth about gifts – donated free and without obligation – in the Why Factor.

Presenter: Lore Wolfson
Producer: Sabine Schereck
Editor: Andrew Smith

Picture Credit: Getty Creative / iStock / AntonioGuillem

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