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1923 Chicago's Accused Murderess Sabella Nitti w/ Emilie La Beau Lucchesi - A True Crime History Podcast

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My guest is Dr. Emilie La Beau Lucchesi, author of Ugly Prey: An Innocent Woman and the Death Sentence That Scandalized Jazz Age Chicago. She discusses the case of Sabella Nitti, a poor Italian immigrant woman accused by police of murdering her husband, with help from her farmhand lover. Dr. Lucchesi's investigation offers new evidence that she helps further exonerate Nitti, who is probably most well known in modern day culture as one of the characters in the Chicago musical and film. Brought to you by Audible, with the largest selection of audiobooks on the planet. Start your 30-day trial and get your first audiobook free by going to, or texting Erik to 500500. Also, try the commission-free investment app, Robinhood. Go to to sign up! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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