SS060716: Grit, Black Holes, Beauty Tips & Outlander

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SS060716: Grit, Black Holes, Beauty Tips & Outlander

Da Satellite Sisters

Lunghezza: 56 minuti


On the Tuesday Show with Lian Dolan and Julie Dolan, we cover everything from Grit to Black Holes to Ben & Jerry's. Julie explains why GRIT is more important than your SAT scores. According to social scientist Angeles Duckworth, passion and perseverance can be more important than intellectual skills in achieving success. Julie is all in on Grit but Lian is suspicious that this is just another gimmick that can be exploited by the college admissions race. Read more about Grit here in Slate   Plus: Copa American menu from Lian Julie Goes to Vermont and busts Ben & Jerry's but enjoys Shelbourne Farms.  How about a SWIMMING Vacation? CNN has a list of Great Swimming Cities   Outlander
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