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537: Consensual sex ed with Ignacio Rivera: Ignacio Rivera shares their latest work on a variety of topics, including consensual sex education

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Ignacio Rivera shares their latest work on a variety of topics, including consensual sex education 0:00 Introduction and host chat Under 18? Stop listening now and visit 1:30 Sponsorship: Relationship Decisions Lab is looking for survey respondents! The University of Utah Relationship Decisions Lab is looking for survey respondents who are looking to open up their relationships for the first time or who have opened it up before but are looking to open up again. To participate, go to, click on the Participants tab and select Open Relationship Project link. And remember, it’s for science! 2:30 Poly in the news Spike Lee’s new poly, pansexual Netflix series, She’s Gotta Have It Professor Bob reviews Professor Marston and the wonder Women 6:30 Interview: Ignacio Rivera Ignacio Rivera aka Papí Coxxx who prefers the gender-neutral pronoun “they” is a Two-Spirit, Black Boricua Taíno New Yorker currently living in Baltimore. Ignacio has spoken at home and abroad on various topics including but not limited to sexuality, racism, sexism, transgender issues, anti-oppression, anti-violence, sexual liberation and multi-issue organizing. Ignacio’s work has manifested itself through skits, one-person shows, poetry, lectures, workshops and experimental film. Ignacio identifies as an independent polyamorist, kinky, switch and sex worker who is on a sexually liberating life-long path. They are the founder of Poly Patao Productions (P3), The HEAL Project and Re(Nude) Sex(uality) Coaching. They can be seen in Pink and White Productions, “The Wild Search " Morty Diamond’s “Tranny Fags” on a “Trans Entity: The Nasty Love of Papí and Wil” and Cheryl Dunye's "Mommy is Coming." We talk about their consensual sex education projects, their Pure Love talk show with their daughter about what her sex education was like (and the results thereof), and how they came to be poly before the internet. They started Shades of Poly, a nonmonogamous support group for poly people of color. Re(Nude) Sex(uality) Coaching Pure Love talk show with their daughter HEAL project coverage 30:45 Feedback Kim in Liverpool writes in to say how useful the solo poly conversation with Iris Muscarella was helpful. 33:30 Happy Poly Moment J shares a first happy poly moment of finally being comfortable with a metamour. 37:00 How to make this podcast better Questions? Comments? Feedback? Email and attach an audio comment or call the listener comment line at 802-505-POLY. Friend us on Twitter or Facebook, leave a comment here. Check out Poly Weekly podcasts at Share this with a friend or write an iTunes review!  Our intro and outro music is courtesy of Pacemaker Jane, “Good Suspicions.”  

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