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236: Culadasa on How the Mind Works

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236: Culadasa on How the Mind Works

Di The One You Feed

Lunghezza: 46 minuti


Culadasa is a meditation master with over 4 decades of experience in the Tibetan and Theravadan Buddhist traditions. He taught classes in neuroscience and psychology at the Universities of Calgary and Brittish Columbia. He now lives in the Arizona wilderness and leads the Dharma Treasure Buddhist Sanga. His book on meditation, The Mind Illuminated, is the book Eric calls the best book on meditation he's ever read. This is a two-part interview. In this episode, part one, Eric and Culadasa talk about how the mind and brain works - knowledge that is essential to understand before one can successfully implement the meditation techniques that will be discussed in part two. These techniques have the very real potential of transforming your meditation experience. So listen up in this episode and get ready to radically re-understand this thing we call the mind.Visit to learn more about our personal transformation program.New science and research has changed the formula of improving hair and stopping hair loss 1st months supply with a subscription for $10 promo code WOLF Read or listen to thousands of nonfiction book summaries all on your phone in under 15 minutes to start your free trial or get 3 months off your yearly plan In This Interview, Culadasa and I Discuss...His book, The Mind IlluminatedHow the mind and the brain worksThe basic distinction between attention and awarenessHow when we give labels to something we can know and understand it betterThe moments of consciousness modelNon-perceiving moments of consciousnessThe dullness of meditationSleepiness in meditationThe goal of vipassana is to increase the total power of our cognitive abilitiesThe mind system model (how the mind works)The conscious and unconscious mindSensory sub-mind (taking in info through senses)Discriminating sub-mind (cognitive thinking/feeling)These sub-minds are competing for attentionThe conscious mind is a place that the sub-minds project intoThe power of setting intentions on the sub-mindsThe role of the narrating sub-mindWe are a collection of the processes of the sub-mindsMaking intellectual sense of the experience of not-self
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