Steven Kotler, Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective

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Steven Kotler, Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective

Da Finding Mastery

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This week’s conversation is with Steven Kotler.The name may ring a bell because he’s been on the podcast twice before and it’s a joy every time we have a chance to connect.As a refresher, Steven is a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective.His books include The Rise of Superman, Stealing Fire, Abundance, BOLD, A Small Furry Prayer, and West of Jesus.He is also the cofounder of the Rancho de Chihuahua dog sanctuary.If you'd like to learn more about Steven’s journey and framework for how he’s become, check out the first podcast we did – Finding Mastery #017.The nature of today’s conversation focuses on his new book, The Last Tango in Cyberspace.It’s a novel about future technology, counter-cultural evolution and the rise of empathy — all wrapped up in a thriller.While the book is fiction, many of Steven’s ideas for it come from real-world experiences and his outlook on the future of humanity.We discuss his writing process, which skills are necessary for mastering his craft vs. mastering his own life, and the psychology of how we relate to our environment through plants and animals. This episode is brought to you by:Athletic Greens: Athletic Greens has a new podcast called "Inspiring Lives." I hope you'll check it out! I was recently a guest on their podcast!Receive a free 20-count travel pack of Athletic Greens (valued at $99) with any purchase!Claim here:
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