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251: Shane Jordan on Food Waste: Making recipes from those leftover ingredients that might have been tossed

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251: Shane Jordan on Food Waste. Making recipes from those leftover ingredients that might have been tossed. In this podcast: Creating a delicious meal using cooking scraps that would have been tossed, or maybe even looked over when shopping, is something that Shane Jordan wants everyone to try. He explains this philosophy for us here and invites you to try things like his Banana Skin Curry.    Don’t miss an episode! Click here to sign up for weekly podcast updates Shane is a vegetarian chef and author based in Bristol, England.  He works as a part time chef at Arc Cafe while teaching cooking at Universities and Festivals. He has been described as a "pioneer" for this imaginative use of food waste in restaurants and has written a cookbook detailing his alternative approach, called Food Waste Philosophy.  In it he explains his concepts and shares many of his popular recipes. Shane has a passion for education, working in schools and spreading the green message – he is dedicated to showing that dealing with environmental issues can be a fun and interesting experience. Go to for more information and links on this podcast and to find our other great guests.

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