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149: Fitness Model to YouTube Star: How Nicole Inspires Vegan Newbies To Change Their Lives: Nicole Derseweh is a talented chef and YouTube star who specializes in high-end vegan food that will tempt even the most dedicated carnivore. Want to go plant-based but can’t give up cheese? Want to be green but not sure how to live a sustainable lifest

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Before going vegan, Nicole Derseweh wanted to travel the world and taste every cheese imaginable. But her health was suffering. As a fitness model, her body looked healthy, but it hid a worrying truth: her high protein diet was stressing out her gall bladder and liver, and her blood pressure was through the roof. With her grandma fighting cancer, and other members of her family unwell, Nicole knew something was wrong. She began looking at her diet. It took a year between watching her first documentary (Earthlings) to converting to 100% plant-based. The journey was tough, but it was worth it. As soon as she gave up dairy, her heath transformed. But her recovery went deeper than just the physical. Nicole had struggled with anorexia in high school. While she overcame the behaviors by becoming a fitness model, the self-loathing thoughts were still there. When she became vegan, those thoughts disappeared. Choosing to go vegan was such an empowering and positive decision that it healed her psyche as well as her physical health. And now Nicole is dedicated to inspiring newbie and wannabe vegans with delicious plant-based food that can tempt even the most dedicated carnivore. Check out Nicole’s YouTube channel for recipes and tutorials to veganize your dishes and live sustainably. Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” The Food Heals Podcast brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU!   The Food Heals Podcast is hosted by Allison Melody and Suzy Hardy – two self-proclaimed natural chicks who will rock your world and change your beliefs about health! This sexy, savvy duo provides eco-friendly advice on a variety of issues including the healing power of nutrition, living authentically, turning your passion into your career, choosing the best natural health and beauty products, the benefits of a plant-based diet and so much more!   Past noteable guests include Eaternity Author & Television Host of How to Live to 100, Jason Wrobel, Host of Hallmark’s Home and Family show & Gorgeously Green Author Sophie Uliano, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Director Joe Cross, NBA Champion & Vegan Activist John Salley, Eco-Vegan Gal Whitney Lauritsen, Fitness Expert Ben Greenfield, The Food Babe Vani Hari, Born For This Author Chris Guillebeau, Host of Entrepreneur On Fire, John Lee Dumas, Gluten-free with Emily’s Emily Turner and Producer & Wellness expert Kimberly Van Der Beek, just to name a few.

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