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13 Tips for Better Sleep: Strategies to improve sleep quality that are lower and higher barrier to entry

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In theory, you'll spend about 1/3 of your life asleep. It's how humans recharge physically and psychologically. Yet in busy, modern life, sleep is often treated like a negotiable, something put last on the agenda, and as having less value than exercise when it comes to improving how you feel. Tricky indeed and full of nuance.  In this episode, I'm diving into sleep a bit more from the "here's what you can implement in your life right now to feel better soon" perspective. I've divided these 13 tips up into lower barrier-to-entry and higher barrier-to-entry categories based on time, cost, and behavior change buy-in. (Note: My categories are pretty subjective.) My hope is that you find something you can implement very soon! In this episode I covered: Why sleep and rest matter Why trading sleep for workouts is a losing proposition What is the hierarchy between sleep, nutrition, and exercise? Considerations for lifestyle and non-negotiables 13 tips for better sleep based on lower and higher barriers to entry Harder to Kill Radio is sponsored by the Nutritional Therapy Association. Registration is now open for the NTA's September class. You can learn more and save your seat by going to: (and don't forget to mention my name on your application!)  You can also try out their free 7-day course, Nutritional Therapy 101 by going to: Remember to find the show notes and other episodes on Pre-order bonuses for The Core 4 are now available for you! Get all the freebies now because they disappear on July 30. Claim the bonuses here. Thank you so much for all your support! Resources from this episode: Get all the pre-order bonuses for The Core 4 Recharge Your Energy TrueDark glasses Magnesium article Harder to Kill Club Follow Steph on: Instagram| Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube | Twitter I'd really love it if you would take 10 seconds and subscribe to the podcast!

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