Diet Decoded: Whole30

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Diet Decoded: Whole30

Da Eat This, Not That!

Lunghezza: 35 minuti


Whole 30 has been around for about a decade now and its popularity parallels the growing interest in “clean eating.” It was started by Melissa Hartwig, a Certified Sports Nutritionist and co-creator of the original Whole30 program, which has now grown into a true franchise with four New York Times bestselling books. In this episode of Diet Decoded, Jon and Megan break down everything you need to know before considering if the restrictive 30-day “reset” plan is for you. You may have to give up a lot in 30 days (bye-bye grains, legumes, added sugars and alcohol), but are the short-term and long-term rewards worth it? Listen in to see for yourself.
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