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It’s Not Just Wealth That Compounds

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How the power of compounding applies not only to wealth, but influence, expertise, and creativity. How non-monetary investments can lead to greater monetary wealth and satisfaction.In this episode, you will learn:Why the rule of 72 and the power of compounding are hindered by portfolio losses.Why the sequence of returns impacts investment performance, but also our expectations.How what we experience in the world is made up of separate glimpses and events.What are non-monetary things that compound with time and why there are no short-cuts.How to focus our attention on things that compound.How non-monetary investments of our time can increase our monetary wealth.Thanks to Vistaprint and Sleep Number for sponsoring the episode.For show notes and more information on this episode click here.[0:20] The dangers of oversimplified compounding schemes.[4:30] Our experiences influence what we expect to happen.[7:57] A picture made up of pictures taken through time.[11:26] There are no shortcuts to forming experience.[15:05] Influence is created by passing through time—not by purchasing it.[18:32] Expertise, polish, perfection are all built by passing through time.[19:41] Taking the time to invest in creative work through time.[22:01] Time brings age—and that is okay.[23:11] Passing through time brings wisdom and experience.

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