2008.12.14 Rev. Siebuhr: Bodhi Day, the Day of Enlightenment

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2008.12.14 Rev. Siebuhr: Bodhi Day, the Day of Enlightenment

Da Midwest Buddhist Temple Dharma Talks Podcast

Lunghezza: 33 minuti


Today is Bodhi Day, the day that Shakyamuni Buddha obtained enlightenment. Unlike Buddhist teachings of Shakyamuni's time, Shinran Shonin taught that you can attain enlightenment without the discipline of lifelong meditation or being part of the privileged class. Sensei talks a little about the history of our tradition, the Pureland sect of Buddhism, and how we came to being. Sensei also tells about the historical relationship between the Midwest Buddhist Temple and the Buddhist Temple of Chicago. Another interesting fact is the historical relationship between Nichiren and Shin-Buddhists. This is a must listen for people who are curious about the history of Shin-Buddhism. You can also access an archive of several years of past talks from iTunes. Search for "Midwest Buddhist Temple" in iTunes and you should be able to locate our archive.
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