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Turning the Microphone Around

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Turning the Microphone Around

Di Buddhist Geeks

Lunghezza: 29 minuti


For this 200th anniversary edition, the microphone is turned around on the regular host, Vincent Horn. Our guest host for this week’s episode is the UK-based blogger of, Rohan Gunatillake. Rohan asks Vincent about his personal practice history leading up to Buddhist Geeks, and also how the project affected his practice since then. They also explore some of the exciting trends in the development of Western Buddhism, as well as the more worrisome ones.
Finally, we explore where Buddhist Geeks is going from here, how it’s mission is continuing to evolve, and what big projects are coming up to help us “Discover the Emerging Face of Buddhism.” In particular they talk about the vision behind the newly announced, Buddhist Geeks | The Conference, set to happen July 29th – 31st, 2011 in Los Angeles.
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