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T&A Talk Sex

T&A Talk Sex

T&A Talk Sex

134 episodi podcast


"Sexy, witty, & smart". T&A Talk Sex is a podcast hosted by a professional cuddler and a sexual healer. T&A (Christina Hepburn & Stephanie Allen), two treasure troves of sensuality and intimate connection, were baffled by how many of their lovers and clients marveled at their sensual capacities, yet fumbled when it came to their own. In service to humanity (and themselves!), T&A share the wisdom from their real life experience with what works and what doesn’t work to create deep, human connection and juicy sex. From frisky sexual encounters to contemplating marriage, these women’s anthropological approach to their love lives can’t help but give you insight into your own. Gentlemen, thrill at the brilliance of a thoughtful female look into what women want and need, and ladies, find the empowerment in relationships and sex you’ve always wanted. Find us on IG @TAtalksex

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How Can Fire on the Skin Feel Good?! Fire Play & Consent w/ guest Wry!

T, Christina Hepburn, meets with Wry, a speaker, events planner & fetish performer, to ...

69 minuti
Feb 09, 2018

Aziz Ansari & a Culture of Objectifying w/ Dating Advice Girl, Ep. 152

There's a lot of sparring on social media over whether the Aziz Ansari story amounts to...

50 minuti
Jan 18, 2018

Get Inspired to Make a Difference in the new year! w/ Lauren Stephenson, Ep.151

Get inspired to make a difference! Christina met up with Lauren Stephenson in NYC to fi...

39 minuti
Dec 28, 2017

How do I Communicate in My Relationship? w/John Rosania of Honesty Lab, ep.150

John Rosania, founder of Honesty Lab ( talks with Christina about h...

63 minuti
Dec 21, 2017

T&A get bullied for talking sex & intimacy!

Some of you may have caught the angry blitz on Christina's social media profile, as wel...

16 minuti
Nov 13, 2017

Time to Make a Change and Get your Libido back This Fall! Ep.149

Stephanie (A) shares that she's moving to Boulder! Why? When?! She's ready for a change...

53 minuti
Nov 09, 2017

How a Lady Finds her Mojo, Why We Should Care + Getting the Guys Involved Ep149

'A' talks to Deborah Kagan, women's mojo recovery specialist, speaker and author about ...

35 minuti
Nov 03, 2017

How to Be the Hot 'Bad Boy' w/o Being a D*ck plus Men's Pubic Hair Ep 148

Women love the alpha male and the 'bad boy', but if you're a conscientious dude, how do...

67 minuti
Oct 26, 2017

Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo, & the scandal that’s rocking our sexual culture! Ep147

T&A talk with Obi, former men's relationship coach, & creator of Dude Panel, about the ...

75 minuti
Oct 19, 2017

Usher Gets Sued for Having Herpes + Involuntary Arousal from Hot Daughters Ep146

Usher's getting sued for not disclosing he had herpes before sex and passing the STI al...

52 minuti
Aug 18, 2017