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Point of Inquiry

Point of Inquiry

Point of Inquiry

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Launched in 2005, Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry. Point of Inquiry critically examines topics in science, religion, philosophy, and politics.

Each episode takes on a specific issue and features in-depth discussions with leading scientists, researchers, and writers.

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Greg Paul on the Lost Children and the Implications of Natural Evil

In the June/July issue of Free Inquiry, today's guest Greg Paul makes the case that a ...

46 minuti
Jun 10, 2021

Inside the Group Investigating Extraordinary Paranormal and Supernatural Claims

The Center for Inquiry Investigations Group tests extraordinary claims from anyone who ...

43 minuti
May 27, 2021

Annabelle Gurwitch on Living Through Ups and Downs

Annabelle Gurwitch is an award-winning actress, comedian, and writer. She's also a secu...

50 minuti
May 13, 2021

Interview with David Javerbaum, Daily Show Writer and host of Godcast Podcast

David Javerbaum is the guest on this week's episode of Point of Inquiry. David discusse...

34 minuti
Apr 15, 2021

Behind The Mind of a Conspiracy Theorist

Have you wondered what it's like to get caught up in a conspiracy theory? QAnon, the 9/...

41 minuti
Mar 30, 2021

An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Bar

An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Bar | Overcoming Differences America is as pola...

39 minuti
Feb 19, 2021

The Trouble with Christmas for Atheists with Tom Flynn

Christmas in 2020 will be unlike any other in recent history due to COVID 19. Neverthe...

46 minuti
Dec 24, 2020

Revisiting The Life Of Frank Sinatra – Living A Life Of Homelessness

In 1997 Jim produced and directed a short documentary called “A Day in the Life of Fran...

31 minuti
Nov 25, 2020

The Puritan Roger Williams, Church State Separation, and The Impact on Today

What does the Puritan founder of both the state of Rhode Island and the Baptist Church ...

58 minuti
Nov 12, 2020

J.R. Becker on the Annabelle and Aiden Book Series and Teaching Children Critical Thinking

Author J.R. Becker joins Leighann Lord in this episode of Point of Inquiry to speak abo...

38 minuti
Oct 22, 2020