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The 3-Gun Show with Dave Hartman

The 3-Gun Show with Dave Hartman

The 3-Gun Show with Dave Hartman

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The 3-Gun Show is created for you, the weekend warrior 3-Gunner. Whether you shoot local or national matches, learn and laugh with the world’s best 3-Gun Podcast featuring the top personalities from the world of 3-Gun Nation, USPSA Multigun and Outlaw 3Gun such as Jerry Miculek, Keith Garcia, Taran Butler, Greg Jordan, Tommy Thacker, Jesse Tischauser, Rick Birdsall Janna Reeves and Hunter “Nubs” Cayll. In each episode we walk through our guest’s journey into the sport of 3-Gun, breakdown the gear they use to help them win matches and cover Pro tips, techniques & strategies as well as fun and exciting stories from the range.

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292: What Just Happened???

With all the craziness of 2020 coming to a close and a new year beginning, AMax and I t...

81 minuti
Jan 01, 2021

291: Merry Christmas From 3GS!

A very special Christmas episode from The 3-Gun Show featuring questions from the wonde...

203 minuti
Dec 27, 2020

290: A Whole Different Crowd with James & Jay

James Gill & Jay Christiansen are back on the podcast and this time we talk about the T...

95 minuti
Dec 25, 2020

289: Jeff Kirkwold Memorial 3-Gun Event

One of the most fun matches of the 3-Gun Shooting Season actually took place on their a...

87 minuti
Dec 25, 2020

288: Taylor Thorne – Life On The Road

Taylor Thorne is a 3-Gunner that can’t be held down to one location. On the adventure o...

126 minuti
Dec 02, 2020

287: Team Stag Arms with Chad Larsen & Stephen Bassett

We’re back! That’s right, there’s a new episode of the podcast this week after a big pa...

81 minuti
Sep 09, 2020

286: Riley Kropff

Riley Kropff is my guest on this podcast and we recorded this one in person before I le...

117 minuti
Apr 23, 2020

Dave vs The Industry – Part 2

A fun discussion of the happenings in the Outdoor Industry. Guaranteed to make you laug...

78 minuti
Apr 20, 2020

285: Heavy Rifle Basics With Dustin Sanchez

This episode of the podcast we learn all we need to know about shooting .308 rifles in ...

91 minuti
Apr 15, 2020

Announcement: 2020 Jeff Kirkwold Memorial 3-Gun

One of the best matches in the country and the biggest stage that you can compete in a ...

10 minuti
Apr 10, 2020