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Chris Grosso The Indie Spiritualist

Chris Grosso The Indie Spiritualist

Chris Grosso The Indie Spiritualist

125 episodi podcast


Indie Spiritualist host Chris Grosso is a public speaker, writer, recovering addict, spiritual director, and author. Through commentary, interviews and ragged truth-telling, the Indie Spiritualist podcast offers raw and real experiences and insights from an eclectic mix of artists, musicians, yogis, skateboarders, actors, spiritual teachers and more. A come as you are invitation to spiritual exploration.

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The Official Alan Watts Podcast is Coming to the Be Here Now Network!

The Alan Watts Organization and Be Here Now Network have come together to bring you a n...

3 minuti
Jun 04, 2021

Ep. 123 – Letters to a Dead Friend About Zen with Brad Warner

Hardcore Zen master, Brad Warner, rejoins Chris for a talk on death, discernment, cosmi...

67 minuti
May 03, 2021

Ep. 122 – Walking Through Anger with Christian Conte, PhD

Dr. Christian Conte joins Chris to share life lessons on knowing yourself, stepping tow...

59 minuti
Apr 09, 2021

Ep. 121 – We Are The Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life with Laura McKowen

Author Laura McKowen talks with Chris Grosso about the process of addiction and recover...

63 minuti
Mar 04, 2021

Ep. 120 – A Course in Mind Training with Gary Renard

Bestselling author, Gary Renard, joins Chris to discuss training the mind, Jesus’ and B...

65 minuti
Feb 11, 2021

Ep. 119 – Legendary Loser with R.A. The Rugged Man

Legendary hip-hop artist, R.A. The Rugged Man joins Chris to talk about writing albums,...

73 minuti
Jan 20, 2021

Ep. 118 – Skeptical Euphoria with Norman Brannon

Musician and writer, Norman Brannon joins Chris to discuss his Hare Krishna punk music ...

71 minuti
Dec 31, 2020

Ep. 117 – Truth Resonates with Sage Francis

Inspirational underground hip-hop artist, Sage Francis, joins Chris to discuss music as...

65 minuti
Dec 11, 2020

Ep. 116 – Fulfill Your Purpose with Justin Michael Williams

Author, musician, and transformational speaker, Justin Michael Williams joins Chris to ...

50 minuti
Nov 18, 2020

Ep. 115 – Meditation 101 with Michael Imperioli

Actor and musician, Michael Imperioli, joins Chris to discuss finding Tibetan Buddhism,...

63 minuti
Oct 29, 2020