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NCUSCR Interviews

NCUSCR Interviews

NCUSCR Interviews

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This series features brief discussions with leading China experts on a range of issues in the U.S.-China relationship, including domestic politics, foreign policy, economics, security, culture, the environment, and areas of global concern. For more interviews, videos, and links to events, visit our website:

The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations is the leading nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that encourages understanding of China and the United States among citizens of both countries.

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Difficult Choices: Taiwan’s Quest for Security and the Good Life | Richard Bush

Taiwan faces many internal issues, as well as pressures from China which exacerbate hom...

33 minuti
Jun 16, 2021

Reflections on the Strategic Competition Act | Michael Swaine, Rachel Esplin Odell

The two sponsors of the Strategic Competition Act (S. 1169), Senator Robert Menendez (D...

36 minuti
Jun 08, 2021

Major Power Rivalry in East Asia | Evan Medeiros

In an interview conducted on May 12, 2021, Dr. Evan Medeiros discusses how conflict and...

35 minuti
May 19, 2021

China's Science-Fiction Universe | Aynne Kokas, Jing Tsu, and Yilin Wang

In China, industry and political leaders are capitalizing on sci-fi’s unique ability to...

9 minuti
May 12, 2021

Deborah Seligsohn on the Geopolitics of Climate

The United States and China have pledged to work together to fight climate change. But ...

10 minuti
Apr 23, 2021

James Millward on Recent Developments in Xinjiang: Implications for the United States

Policies adopted by the People's Republic of China in Xinjiang since 2017 have garnered...

48 minuti
Apr 07, 2021

Confronting Anti-Asian Racism | Russell Jeung

Stop AAPI Hate co-founder Russell Jeung addresses the alarming reports of violence and ...

13 minuti
Apr 02, 2021

Anatomy of a Flop: Why Trump's U.S.-China Phase One Trade Deal Fell Short | Chad Bown

Dr. Chad Bown discusses the trade deal and prospects for American trade policies toward...

30 minuti
Mar 19, 2021

Yun Sun on the Myanmar Coup, China, and the United States

The February events in Myanmar have startled the world. While some countries quickly ca...

31 minuti
Mar 08, 2021

Beyond Borders: China's Arctic Ambitions | U.S.-China HORIZONS

Arctic security and international relations expert Marc Lanteigne explores China's scie...

8 minuti
Feb 19, 2021