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Fire Law

Fire Law

Fire Law

38 episodi podcast


Welcome to Fire Law – where we discuss the most important legal issues facing the American fire service!!! Join your host, Curt Varone, as we consider the often bizarre, at times humorous, but always challenging issues!

Episodi1 - 10 di 38 episodi


Episode 38: Burn Litigation and the Firefighter’s Rule

In this episode, Curt and attorney Paul Samakow discuss the Firefighter’s Rule, and in ...

41 minuti
May 03, 2021

Fire Law Podcast #37: Fire Officers and Overtime

In this episode, Curt and Bill Maccarone discuss the recent decision by the US Fourth C...

37 minuti
Dec 08, 2020

Fire Law Episode 36 - FLSA OT for Firefighter Assigned to EMS

In this edition of Fire Law Vlog, Curt and Bill Maccarone discuss a recent decision out...

31 minuti
Nov 03, 2020

Episode 35 - Michigan Mistaken Death Pronouncement Suit

In this episode, Curt and Attorney Kali Henderson discuss the suit she just filed on be...

38 minuti
Sep 13, 2020

Fire Law Podcast #34 Disciplinary Challenges with Nicol Juratovac

In this episode, Curt discusses fire service disciplinary challenges with Assist Chief ...

49 minuti
Jul 03, 2020

Fire Law Podcast #33 - CARES Act Stimulus and EMS Billing

In this episode of Fire Law VLOG and Fire Law Podcast, Curt and attorney Kevin Fairlie...

23 minuti
May 01, 2020

Fire Law Episode 32: Corona Virus

In this episode, Curt and Bill Maccarone discuss the legal implication of the Corona Vi...

31 minuti
Mar 03, 2020

Podcast 31: Q & A on EMS Billing and Medicare Medicaid Fraud

In this episode, Curt follows up a podcast from last month with attorney Kevin Fairlie ...

37 minuti
Feb 05, 2020

Podcast 30: EMS Billing and Medicare Medicaid Fraud

In today’s episode, Curt talks with attorney Kevin Fairlie about the challenges facing ...

30 minuti
Jan 10, 2020

Podcast 29 Firefighter Overtime Lawsuits

In this episode, Curt and Bill Maccarone expound on Curt’s January, 2020 article in Fir...

30 minuti
Jan 05, 2020