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Teach 4 the Heart

Teach 4 the Heart

Teach 4 the Heart

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In the Teach 4 the Heart podcast, Linda Kardamis will give you the ideas & inspiration you need to overcome your teaching challenges & make a lasting difference in your students’ lives.

Designed for Christian teachers in both public and private schools, Teach 4 the Heart strives to present every discussion from a Biblical perspective.

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QT: Why We Need Mentors - And How to Get One (or Be One!)

Teaching is a challenging profession, and it's not good to try to go at it alone. Join ...

6 minuti
Jun 21, 2021

News: The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek is OPEN for New Members!

Angela Watson’s 40 Hour Teacher Workweek program is now open for new members at www.tea...

4 minuti
Jun 15, 2021

QT: The ONE Thing You Need Most this Summer to be Ready for Next Year

There are so many ways to use your summer break, but there's one thing that is more pow...

3 minuti
Jun 14, 2021

News: Pray & Plan is Back!!

Pray & Plan is back and available to order at This plan...

3 minuti
Jun 10, 2021

QT: How to Engage in Cultural Issues as a Christian Teacher

There are so many ways in which our culture is headed in a direction that is in opposit...

8 minuti
Jun 07, 2021

News: Free Summer Book Clubs 2021

Do you love to read over the summer? Join one of our book clubs to get encouragement, i...

2 minuti
Jun 01, 2021

169: Reflecting with Gratitude on This Crazy Year

This year was like nothing we've experienced, but God takes every trial and uses it for...

15 minuti
May 31, 2021

QT: Growth Opportunities this Summer

There are lots of opportunities for growth this summer! Here's a few: Teach 4 the Hear...

3 minuti
May 27, 2021

News: Anniversary Sale!

It’s our 8-year anniversary, and we’re celebrating with a sale! Enjoy 50% off our most ...

1 minuto
May 25, 2021

QT: How to Choose Joy Over Stress in Our Work

When we're feeling stressed or frustrated, this simple reminder will help us work with ...

5 minuti
May 24, 2021