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On The Ledge

On The Ledge

On The Ledge

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On The Ledge is a podcast all about indoor gardening - helping you to grow everything from Aloe vera to the ZZ plant.  Presenter Jane Perrone has been nuts about houseplants since she was knee high to a Swiss cheese plant. She quizzes the experts, helps you find cool new stuff to grow and figures out how to fix your plant problems. For more information, email or visit

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Episode 187: snake plants aka Sansevieria

Succulent expert Dr Colin Walker joins me to discuss the wonderful world of snake plant...

53 minuti
Jun 11, 2021

Episode 186: rescuing plants with Sarah Gerrard-Jones

Like so many household objects, plants are often discarded for the “crime” of being sli...

39 minuti
May 28, 2021

Episode 185: the silver dollar vine, Xerosicyos danguyi

In this episode I take a look at the silver dollar vine, Xerosicyos danguyi, an intrigu...

35 minuti
May 21, 2021

Episode 184: The Houseplant Expert by Dr David Hessayon - the book that launched my houseplant obsession

Dr David Hessayon’s book The Houseplant Expert has been inspired indoor gardeners for d...

33 minuti
May 14, 2021

Episode 183: leaf botany part six - what do plants know, with Beronda Montgomery

Did you know that plants have memory, senses and their own unique language? Find out mo...

40 minuti
May 07, 2021

Episode 182: Perrone's plant pet peeves

From succulents in terrariums to indoor olive trees, I get a few houseplant-related ran...

40 minuti
Apr 30, 2021

Episode 181: moth orchid rescue with Terry Richardson

Moth orchids looking miserable? Want to get your Phalaenopsis to rebloom? Terry Richard...

56 minuti
Apr 23, 2021

Episode 180: Indonesian houseplant culture with Youtuber Onlyplants

This week Jakarta-based YouTuber and prolific grower Sean William Salim joins me to tal...

45 minuti
Apr 16, 2021

Episode 179: citrus and more with HGTV’s Marianne Canada

I talk growing indoor citrus and much more with HGTV’s Marianne Canada and answer a que...

44 minuti
Apr 09, 2021

Episode 178: leaf botany part five - dormancy

Is my plant taking merely resting, or is it dead? Why has my cactus stopped growing? If...

49 minuti
Mar 26, 2021

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