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23 episodi podcast


Discussions on theme park attractions of the past, present, and future

Episodi1 - 10 di 23 episodi


Interview w/ Former Manager of Toys "R" Us Times Square Johnny Tammaro: "Meet Vinny"

Kevin interviews Johnny Tammaro, the former manager of Toys "R" Us Times Square, who he...

54 minuti
Dec 24, 2020

Interview w/ Dan Lanigan: The King of Prop

Dan Lanigan, host of Disney+'s Prop Culture, joins Kevin to discuss the show, his love ...

62 minuti
Jun 16, 2020

Interview w/ Former Imagineer Brian Collins: "Spiels, Shootouts, and Signage"

In this episode of the podcast, Kevin interviews former Imagineer Brian Collins about h...

67 minuti
Feb 11, 2020

Interview w/ Former Imagineer Ray Kinman: "Carving Creations of Magic"

Kevin kicks off Defunctland Podcast Season 3 and his month of Imagineering interviews w...

53 minuti
Feb 07, 2020

Interview w/ Hank Green: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing: The Ride

Hank Green joins the Defunctland podcast to discuss a lot of everything and discuss wha...

73 minuti
Dec 02, 2018

Interview w/ Imagineer Rick Rothschild "ExtraTERRORestrial, Pleasure Island, and More!"

Imagineer Rick Rothschild joins the podcast to discuss his time at Imagineering, direct...

87 minuti
Oct 15, 2018

Interview w/ Urban Explorer Matt Sonswa: "The Craziest Stories You've Ever Heard"

Kevin sits down with Matt Sonswa, the bravest urban explorer out there. He discusses hi...

82 minuti
Sep 26, 2018

Interview w/ Brian Hull: "Great First Impression"

Voice Actor and YouTuber Brian Hull joins the Defunctland Podcast, bringing many of his...

68 minuti
Aug 29, 2018

Interview w/ Former Club Disney Employee Sean "Captaining a Sinking Steamboat"

On this episode of the Defunctland Podcast, former Club Disney employee Sean joins Kevi...

67 minuti
Aug 21, 2018

Interview w/ Jenny Nicholson: "Intellectual Property Challenge"

Jenny Nicholson joins Kevin on the Defunctland Podcast to discuss everything theme park...

78 minuti
Jul 12, 2018