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The Flipping 50 Show

The Flipping 50 Show

The Flipping 50 Show

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The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!

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TOTAL Body or SPLIT ROUTINE Strength Training in Menopause | #453

00:00 What’s best, total body or split routine strength training in menopause? Whether ...

44 minuti
Jun 11, 2021

How Do You Measure Fitness Success in Menopause? #452

How do you measure fitness success in menopause? Is it weight? Is it inches? Are you di...

26 minuti
Jun 08, 2021

Where’s the Tone? How Under-Recovery Kills Muscle Tone in Menopause 451

Episode #451 Muscle tone in menopause is a common topic around these parts. In that reg...

30 minuti
Jun 05, 2021

Intermittent Fasting for Active Menopausal Women | Yes or No?

If you’re an active menopausal woman, you may wonder, is intermittent fasting for me? B...

37 minuti
Jun 01, 2021

I Lost that Muscle Tone, Can I Get It Back?

Have you too lost that muscle tone and want it back? This episode is an answer in respo...

23 minuti
May 30, 2021

How Much Exercise is Enough Exercise in Menopause?

Are you getting enough exercise in menopause? Are you wondering that too? I’ve been fol...

29 minuti
May 28, 2021

Acne in Menopause? How to Deal with a Skin Expert

Acne in menopause is no joke. Wrinkles, pimples, dryness and breakouts, oh my. Here's w...

33 minuti
May 25, 2021

Weight Training in Menopause | Sneak Peek book intro

I need a favor. I’m writing a book for women in menopause who are not yet strength trai...

21 minuti
May 23, 2021

Insulin: Insulin Resistance in Midlife Belly Fat Weight Gain

In this episode about insulin resistance in midlife belly fat weight gain I’m going to ...

39 minuti
May 21, 2021

Why Such Frequent Exercise Injuries in Midlife| Ask the Menopause Fitness Coach

Are you experiencing frequent exercise injuries in midlife? You’re not alone. Though I’...

19 minuti
May 18, 2021