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The Option Alpha Podcast

The Option Alpha Podcast

The Option Alpha Podcast

200 episodi podcast


We are on a mission to help you make smarter investments and trades – it’s just that simple. So if that means pulling back the curtain on everything you know (or thought you knew) about options trading and the stock market then so be it.

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199: Automated Does Not Mean Unattended

Show notes: automated trading starts going mainstream...

46 minuti
Jun 14, 2021

198: State of the Union: Same Mission, Better Tools

Show notes: a couple of months on pause for the po...

68 minuti
Jun 07, 2021

197: Fully Automated Trend Trading w/ Stocks Or Options

Show notes:'s a lot of research to support the usag...

65 minuti
Oct 22, 2020

196: Hedging Short Naked Puts

Show notes: short naked puts (i.e. put selling or...

44 minuti
Oct 19, 2020

195: Short-Term Performance Of Long-Term Strategies

Show notes:'s well documented that not only do investo...

66 minuti
Oct 15, 2020

194: Interview w/ Cameron Skinner

Show notes: week I'm thrilled to welcome back on a v...

46 minuti
Oct 13, 2020

193: An Automated Way To Start VIX Hedging

Show notes: of the beautiful things about shifting to...

45 minuti
Oct 09, 2020

192: Deep Dive Into Options Assignment & Exercising

Show notes: on Show 187 we tackled the top 15 questi...

50 minuti
Oct 06, 2020

191: The 13 Investor Biases That Ruin Your Performance

Show notes:'re all subject to investment biases, often...

59 minuti
Sep 29, 2020

190: A Zillion Ways You Can Save Money To Invest

Show notes: of the most impactful things you can do f...

40 minuti
Sep 15, 2020