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Gravy is a podcast from the Southern Foodways Alliance that tells new and complicated stories about the changing American South.

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The Southern Genius of the Cuban Sandwich

The Cuban sandwich. If it’s made with ingredients someone else doesn’t like, you might ...

24 minuti
Jun 16, 2021

Syrian-ish: Damascus Meets Little Rock at Layla's Restaurant

Arab American and Middle Eastern immigrants have had a unique experience in the U.S. Wi...

22 minuti
Jun 09, 2021

Ethiopian Atlanta: A Tale of Three Restaurants

The home of Civil Rights leaders like John Lewis and Martin Luther King, Jr., Atlanta h...

23 minuti
Jun 02, 2021

Tempeh Brings Indonesia to Houston

The largest city in Texas doesn’t disappoint when it comes to food. Houston is one of t...

25 minuti
May 26, 2021

"Drill," by Atsuro Riley

"Drill," by Atsuro Riley. Featured in Vinegar & Char: Verse from the Southern Foodways ...

3 minuti
May 05, 2021

"Because Men Do What They Want to Do," by TJ Jarrett

"Because Men Do What They Want To Do," by TJ Jarrett. Featured in Vinegar & Char: Verse...

4 minuti
Apr 14, 2021

The Holy Trinity: From the Bayou to the Bay

Nearly every cuisine has its own flavor base. In Louisiana, this technique has become d...

25 minuti
Mar 24, 2021

Puerto Rican Pasteles: Unwrapping the Diaspora

Pasteles mean Christmas to many Puerto Ricans, both on and off the island. Why is this ...

24 minuti
Mar 17, 2021

Horchata: An Ancient Drink that Crossed the Globe

Horchata, a refreshing drink originally made from tiger nuts, made its way to present-d...

24 minuti
Mar 10, 2021

A Pea for the Past, A Pea for the Future

The black-eyed pea is not your average bean. Like many staple foods of the African Dias...

23 minuti
Mar 03, 2021