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Dressed: The History of Fashion

Dressed: The History of Fashion

Dressed: The History of Fashion

67 episodi podcast


With over 7 billion people in the world, we all have one thing in common. Every day we all get dressed. Join Dressed as we explore the social and cultural histories behind the who, what, when of why we wear.

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Introducing Everywhere

Overcome fears and dump preconceptions about travel and fully engage with the world in ...

1 minuto
Jul 15, 2019

50 Years of the Ebony Fashion Fair, an interview with Joy Bivins

For fifty years, Ebony magazine's groundbreaking Fashion Fair brought the crème de la c...

55 minuti
Jul 09, 2019

Gender Bending Fashion, pt. 2: an interview with Michelle Tolini Finamore

Men just might enjoy the comfort of skirts! This week we speak to Michelle Tolini Finam...

32 minuti
Jul 02, 2019

Fashion History Mystery #20: History of the Pride Flag

It's World Pride month and all things rainbow! This week's minisode discusses the origi...

15 minuti
Jun 27, 2019

Fashion History Mystery #19: Should These Clothes Be Saved?

Cassidy and April discuss a recent New York Time's article by Vanessa Friedman which br...

10 minuti
Jun 20, 2019

Power of Pattern: Central Asian Ikats, an interview with Clarissa Esguerra

This week, exhibition curator Clarissa Esguerra teaches us all about the sophisticated ...

49 minuti
Jun 18, 2019

Fashion History Mystery #18: Like a Fine Wine: What Makes Clothing "Vintage"?

Tune in this week to learn about the distinctions between what is considered antique ve...

14 minuti
Jun 13, 2019

Styling the American Suffragist, an interview with Raissa Bretaña

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment. In gratitude to...

47 minuti
Jun 04, 2019

Men in Heels: a His (and Her) Story, an Interview with Elizabeth Semmelhack

High heels have long been the domain of women--but first they were worn by men. This we...

58 minuti
May 28, 2019

The Dress Detective, an interview with Amber Butchart

Fashion history and crime labs may seem like strange bedfellows. This week we speak to ...

56 minuti
May 21, 2019