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Chest Pain: High Risk/Can't Miss (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)

P=Pericarditis A=Acute Coronary Syndrome P=Pneumothorax P=PE A=Aneurysm (thoracic)

Cardiac Risk Factors: SAD CHF (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)
S=Smoking A=Age D=Diabetes C=Cholesterol H=Hypertension F=Family History

Hand Linking Technique: Cardiac Work Up (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)
Thumb=CBC Pointer=CMP Middle=Coags Ring=Enzymers: Remember the "Ringer" Pinky=ESR/D-Dimer Palm=CXR/EKGx2 Watch Out=Cardiac Risk Factors

Left Hand Mnemonic for Coronary Flow (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)
Hypothenar Eminence=AV Node Pinky=RCA Webbing=Left Main Thumb=Circ Pointer=LAD

ST Segment Elevation (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)

L=Left Ventricular Aneurysm E=Early Repolarization A=AMI P=Prinzmetal P=Pericarditis L=LBBB

ST Segment Depression (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)

R=Reciprocal Changes I=Ischemia L=Left Ventricular Strain

T Wave Inversion (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)

S=Stroke L=Left Ventricular Strain I=Ischemia P=PE

Wide Complex QRS (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)

C=Conduction Problems -BBB -WPW -Pacer V=Ventricular Rhythm S=Systemic

Components of the HPI: Colder Fast (On DVD #3:Chest Pain/Advanced EKG)
C=Character O=Onset L=Location D=Duration E=Exacerbation/Relief R=Remedies in Past F=Frequency A=Associated Symptoms S=Same Symptoms in past T=Treatments in Past

Asthma Treatment (DVD #2: The Pulmonary and Advanced CXR Interpretation)
N=Nebs O=Oxygen I=IVF S=Steroids E=Epi

CXR Findings of PE (DVD #2: The Pulmonary and Advanced CXR Interpretation)
W=Westermark H=Hampton's Hump

A=Atelectasis L=Lovely E=Effusion

ABD XRays (DVD # 4: Common EM Complaints)

Parachutes=Ileus Slinky=Bowel Obstruction

PERC Rules (on YouTube: johnbielinski)

V=Normal Vital Signs V=Virchow Criteria Hand 1=No Hemoptysis Hand 2=Age <60 Leg=No DVT

Causes of Pulmonary Symptoms ((DVD #2: The Pulmonary and Advanced CXR Interpretation)
H=Heart O=Obstructive R=Reactive I=Infectious D=Death!

CHF Acute Treatment (DVD #2: The Pulmonary and Advanced CXR Interpretation)
L=Lasik M=Morphine N=Nitro O=Oxygen P=Positive Pressure (BiPAP)

Bronchial Pneumonia ((DVD #2: The Pulmonary and Advanced CXR Interpretation)
P=Pseudomonas E=Ecoli A=Anaerobes S=Staph

Alveolar Pneumonia (DVD #2: The Pulmonary and Advanced CXR Interpretation)
S=Strep H=HFlu A=Atypicals M=Mycoplasma

Microcytic Anemia (DVD 1: Secrets of Clinical Lab Medicine)

S=Sideroblastic T=Thalassemia I= Iron deficiency C= Chronic Disease

Hypo-Natremia(DVD 1)
Eu-Volemia S=SIADH H=Hypothyroidism I=Inappropriate H2O Intake P=Psychogenic Polydipsia Hypo-Volemia V=Vomiting D=Diarrhea D=Diertics A=Addisions R=RTA T=Third Spacing Fluid Hyper-Volemia C=CHF N=Nephrotic Syndrome C=Cirrhosis

Addison's Causes: (DVD 1)

M=Meningococcemia A=Adrenal hemorrhage G=Granulomatous Disease I=Immunocompromised K=Ketoconazole

Hyper-Calcemia(DVD 1)
T=Thyroid H=Hyperparathyroidism E=Exogenous Intake M=Malignancy I=Immobilization G=Granulomatous Disease

Neuro Exam(NIHSS) (YouTube: johnbielinski)

F=Face L=LOC E=Eyes A=Arms/Legs S=Speech