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SWTea ERP Solution: Unique Features

The SWTea ERP covers all possible as well critical areas of the entire functionalities of a Tea Company who has the following activities : o Multiple Tea Estates situated at any locations (having various DASTURs) o Bulk Tea processing Factories o Packet Tea processing Factories o In Depth Marketing (both Domestic & Export) There is a utility available in the SWTea ERP to track and monitor the usages of each Vehicle, in use for daily operational activity of the Estate, and their respective expenditures aspect as well. The SWTea ERP uses distributed database architecture so that Estates or Factories, located remote areas, are not at all dependent on Wide Area Network for their day-to-day work. But at the same time this ERP has an in-built mechanism to synchronize the data into Central Database Server (based on the availability of communication channels) for various reasons like Centralized Control, Operation Monitoring, Operational Control and various other issues. The SWTea ERP has been developed in such architecture so that there are no Database or Version dependencies. [Possible Database :- Oracle (8.0+) and MSSQL (any version)] The Wage Processing/ Arrear Processing/ Bonus Processing and Annual Leave processing are fully parameterized for the ease of Local Administrator. The SWTea ERP has some built in validation (parameterized) so as to limit the end-users to commit certain operation entry mistakes. Budgetary expense monitoring based on both Calendar Year and Accounting Year is also feasible. The SWTea ERP has a unique feature related to Budgetary Control mechanism for each and every Expense Head. Various Work Programs like Pruning, Up-Rooting, Spraying could be recorded. Cost-Centre wise allocation and monitoring of the expenses is possible easily. Performance monitoring related to the machineries, which are installed in the factories, are also possible to handle in a single window. SWTea ERP has a facility / intelligence to guide the users to follow certain statutory compliances like TDS, TCS, Service TAX (including Abetments), Excise, VAT etc. The complete integration among all the modules is controlled through a single Window so that the Administrator administrates the entire operation easily. User can create own Chart-of-Accounts with a facility of N-Level Grouping with a Super Key facilities.

SWTea ERP has a facility to design the Financial Schedules as per companies act within the system so that user need not require to use/maintain other software for finalizing the FINAL ACCOUNTS. System generated e-Filing is one of a unique facility available in the SWTea ERP Application. Auto-Scheduling of certain specific reports generation and delivery is also possible in the SWTea ERP. All Financial Reports could be exported to excel without any manual intervention for cell formatting etc. User can use the softcopy Bank Statement to complete the Daily /Periodical Bank Reconciliation in the system.