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THEA MONICA B. ALBA, RN 0503029309 or 0559567084 thea_alba249@yahoo.

com OBJECTIVE: To seek employment as full-time registered nurse to a supportive and well established workplace. SUMMARY: Highly motivated, goal directed, result oriented healthcare professional with good medical nursing background and education. With more than 2 years of experience as a nurse in various specialties (ER/ICU, Geriatrics, General Nursing, Hair Transplant). Very much interested in taking challenging tasks, multicultural work place in line of my calling. WORK EXPERIENCE: MEDCARE ORTHOPAEDIC AND SPINE HOSPITAL currently still employed Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, UAE Orthopaedic and Spine Speciality Hospital Doctors Attended: Dr. Imtiaz Hashmi Spine Surgeon Dr. Lucia Heras Garcia Orthopaedic Consultant and Hand Specialist Dr. Marc Sinclair Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon MEDCARE HOSPITAL Opposite Safa Park Dubai, UAE Multi specialty hospital with advanced diagnostic and medical fascilities. May 6, 2008-

ER Nurse NU HART HAIR TRANSPLANT CLINIC March 30, 2008 December 1 2007-

American Hair Transplant Clinic that caters to prime class individuals. Al Wahda Building Room 202 Deira, Dubai Staff Nurse/ Hair Technician


October 2006- November

Home care to patients of Dr. Cabarrubias with various chronic/ need high attention condition. c/o Dr. Sylman Cabarrubias Private Duty Nurse SOCSARGEN COUNTY HOSPITAL September 2006 September 2005-

A Tertiary Hospital that is advanced in diagnostic and medical facilities. ICU/ER Nurse


September 2005- September

A College where nursing aides are being taught with high level quality of teaching. Clinical Instructor/ Educator EAST AVENUE MEDICAL CENTER May 2005 January 2005-

A public 500+ bed capacity hospital, tertiary, with diagnostic and high quality care hospital. Delivery Room Nurse

PERSONAL DATA: Age: Date of Birth: Gender: Civil Status: Height: Weight: Nationality: Religion: Address of country of origin: Q.C., Philippines Holds Nursing Registration in countries: EDUCATION: Philippine Womens University, EDSA Q.C, Philippines Graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing 28 December 17, 1983 Female Single 5 feet 5 inches 60kg Filipino Roman Catholic 249 Capitol Green Village Tandang Sora

Philippines 2004, Dubai 2008

Notre Dame of Dadiangas for Girls Graduated secondary Education

DESIGNATION DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES WITH CASES HANDLED: ER/ICU NURSE Renders Intensive nursing care to patients according to their individual needs utilizing the nursing process. Able to assist in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation Assess patients condition continuously through the use of thorugh nursing assessment skills via monitoring, and the use of machines such as ECG and the like. Renders direct nursing care and administer treatment and procedures. Able to obtain specimens for sample (blood products/specimens needed swabs) Able to perform the following: -IV insertion, Blood collection -manipulate equipments/apparatus such as pulse oxymeter, ECG machine, O2 Assist the physician/ carryout their orders for minor procedures such as wound cleaning, casting, back slab, minor casting, dressing change as well as other diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative procedures. Maintain a therapeutic environment for the patient. Make supplies, prepares equipments, instruments, and medicines daily/monthly/annual reports. Supports and participates in the general activities of the nursing service department.

STAFF NURSE (Paediatric, Medical- Surgical, OB-GYN Unit) (Charge Nurse) Makes adequate provision for the nursing care of the patients in the unit and supervises that care. Identifies nursing service problems, needing study and helps in their solution. Sees that physicians orders are promptly carried out and properly checked. Provides for and supervises the administration of the treatments carried out by the staff nurses and the nursing care given to patients. Arranges for the assistance and coordination required by the members of the health team for the wellness of the patients. Evaluates and records the quality service given by the auxiliaries and counseling them on the basis of the finding. Assisting in the orientation of new personnel in the unit. Motivates personnel to actively participate in all activities in the nursing department Carries out administrative procedures in conformity with the hospital policies and regulation Performs other duties that may be assigned SPECIFIC: Attends change shift endorsements Visits patients as a team for the purpose of observing/ establishing rapport Monitor vital signs and sees critical and close watch patient more often Instructs and checks all patients before they go to surgery as to obtaining pre-op checklist. Visits all post-operative patients immediately and reports all incidental mishaps or injuries occurred in the ward. Makes rounds with the physician and assists with examination or procedures to the patient.

Observe signs and symptoms and institutes remedial action when appropriate and records. Reports observation to the physician Acts as liaison between patient and hospital personnel Carries out doctors orders with accuracy Administers and charts medication and patients reactions to medical and nursing administrations. Sees to it that equipments are in order and ready for use. Discharge patients according to doctors order. Gives health teaching Maintains good relationship with other hospital personnel. Interprets hospital policies and procedures. CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR/ EDUCATOR Instruction to students on the basics of patient care procedures, nursing concepts, boundaries as being nurse aides with proper theory and clinical comparison/ carrying out. Teaching procedures via related learning experience and return demonstration post learning theories in the classroom. Evaluating students through exams, quizzes, and the like. Teaching students on proper use of equipments and proper care of such as well. Step by step guidance to students on the right skills, attitude and knowledge to their profession.

REFERENCES: 1. Dr. Christopher Whaetly Medcare Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital Medical Director

0506160388 2. Essa Hussain Nurse Manager 0502581544 3. Dr. Lucia Heras Garcia Medcare Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital Orthopaedic Consultant Hand Specialist 4. Ms. Belinda Gyigi Emergency Room Medcare Hospital Head Nurse 0501958097