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1.Complete the sentences choosing the correct form of the verbs

1) (

you (look)

after their dog again if they go on holiday this year? your mobile? the mail if it contained a virus. a wet-suit, I wouldn't go scuba-diving. that strict if you knew the truth? silly if we tried to walk there. the film only if the reviews are good. down.

a)will you look after b)would you look after c)did you look d)would you look

2) Would you mind if I (use)

a) used b) use c)will use d)would use

3) I (delete) 4) Even if I (wear) 5) you (be) 6) .It 7) I

a)would delete b) would have deleted c)had deleted d)delete a)would wear b) will wear c)had worn d)wore a)would you be b)would you have been c)had you been d)will you be a) were b)would be c)will be d)would have been a)will watch b) watched c) would watch d)watch

8) She would take me to the station if her car

a)wouldnt break b)wont break c)didnt break d)hadnt broken

9) If you 10) .If it

, he won't help you. today, we will go sailing.

a)wouldnt ask b)wont ask c)dont ask d)didnt ask a)didnt rain b) doesnt rain c)wouldnt have rained d)wont rain 2. Give 2 examples of future actions using Future simple and 2 examples using be going to expression

3.Translate into Romanian When he came to my class she was a bit difficult.But when she got interested ,it all changed.I have read her books and I have seen her on TV.I wish I was as successful with all my pupils as with her.Its difficult teaching nowadays .There are discipline problems and not enough money. The government should give more money for education.I also wish the classes were smaller.

4.Describe yourself or someone in your family(5 lines)


1.Complete the Conditional Sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the brackets

1. I wouldn't go to school by bus if I

a) would have b)will have c)had had d)had

a driving license. sick.

2. If you eat so much , you

a)will get b)would get c)get d)got

3. I 4.

to London if I don't get a cheap flight. (tell) him about our secret.

a)dont go b)didnt go c)wont go d)wouldnt go We would be stupid if we a)would have told b)tell c)told d)will tell

5. If I 6. If we saw him, we 7. If we 8.

stronger, I would help you carry the piano. (tell ) him the news. (see)him tomorrow, we will invite him to the party. the tools. . the exam.

a)were b)would be c)would have been d)am a)had told b)would have told c)would tell d)will tell a)saw b) would see c)will see d)see He would repair the car himself if he a) had had b) had c)will have d)would have

9. If you drop the vase, it

a)break b) would break c)will break d)broke

10. If I didnt study, I a)

wouldnt pass b)wont pass c)wouldnt have passed d)hadnt pass 2. Give 2 examples of future actions using Future simple and 2 examples using be going to expression

3. Translate into Romanian I havent seen him since I left school but he was my inspiration.I wasnt very good at most school subjects.I suppose I was a bit lazy and now I wish I would have done a bit more work ,especially in languages .He was full of enthusiasm and made everything interesting-I wish my French teachers had been the same.He used to demonstrate things with lots of practical examples .

4.Describe yourself or someone in your family(5 lines)