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t he f o u r winds s o cie t y

I realized long ago that the journey of the Four Winds represented an ancient formula for transformation: shed the past that restrains us, confront and overcome the fears of the future and death that paralyze us, so we may live fully in the present; apply the skills learned along the way to access a sea of consciousness as vast as time itself, then express the experience with beauty as a caretaker of the Earth. Island of the Sun, Alberto Villoldo & Eric Jendresen

more infused with vision and passion, a career more aligned with your values, or simply to explore millennial wisdom teachings, I invite you to consider our professional training and expeditions. We have trained over 10,000 students in the ethical practice of energy medicine, with graduates in 50 states and over 40 countries. And they are changing the world for the better. Is it time to become free of genetic fate and family baggage?

Alberto Villoldo Founder

History of The Four Winds Society & The Light Body School
Native American Shamans have practiced energy medicine for thousands of years. Alberto Villoldo Ph.D., a medical anthropologist and psychologist, founded The Light Body School after spending over 30 years in the high Andes and the Amazon training with master shamans.

We invite you to transform the way you heal, the way you age, and the way you die. And to learn to offer these gifts to your loved ones. A medical anthropologist for over 30 years, I directed a research lab at San Francisco State University before embarking on a decades-long journey to study shamanic energy medicine in the Amazon and the Andes Mountains. I set out to translate these ancient healing practices into a powerful program that you can master, and that encompasses cutting-edge physics and brain science. Energy medicine is the healing art of the future. The hands-on healing techniques, rites of passage and maps of the soul you will learn from our extraordinary teachers have been tested for 50,000 years, and they can change your life. The shamanic practices allow you to break free from limiting behaviors and beliefs, and help your health-span become equal to your lifespan. Through the Soul Retrieval and Illumination processes you will recover the innocence and freshness you thought you had lost. And one-on-one coaching will help you master the most ancient healing arts that wire your brain for health, joy, and longevity. Join us to dream a new world into being! We look forward to hearing from you. Warmly,

Our Mission
Our mission is to transform the world one healer at a time, by training master practitioners in luminous healing and energy medicine.

Alberto Villoldo PhD

The School bridges ancient shamanic wisdom traditions with modern science. Our curriculum offers professional certification in Energy Medicine, and assistance in bringing your own gifts into the world. A non-certification track is available for those interested in shamanism, personal growth and healing. Master the wisdom teachings through hands-on-practice, experiential exercises, and one-on-one support from your personal mentor. Continuing Education: For continuing education credit information please contact our office at 435-647-5988, or toll free at 888-437-4077.

There are two kinds of people in this world. There are those who are dreamers and those who are being dreamed. There comes a time in every mans life when he must encounter his past. For those who are dreamed, who have no more than a passing acquaintance with power, this moment is usually played out from their deathbeds as they try to bargain with fate for a few more moments of life time. But for the dreamer, the person of power, this moment takes place alone, before a fire, when he calls upon the specters of his personal past to stand before him like witnesses before the court. This is the work of the South, where the Medicine Wheel begins. I am not speaking of remembering the past. Anyone can remember the past and, in remembering, we reframe it to serve and justify our present. Remembering is a conscious act and therefore subject to embellishment. Remembering is easy. The person of power sits alone before the fire. He confronts his past. He hears the testimony of these specters. And he dismisses them one by one. He acquits himself of his past. Do you comprehend this? The man of power has no past, no history that can claim him. He has cast aside his shadow and learned to walk in the snow without leaving tracks.
Dance of the Four Winds, Alberto Villoldo & Eric Jendresen

For the past 12 years, Linda Fitch, Dean of The Light Body School, has personally educated our staff of international instructors ensuring the wisdom teachings remain true to our lineage.

lig h t body sc hool C ur r ic ulum

(Seven One-Week Courses) south (Illumination)
The shaman sheds the past and its worn-out stories the way a serpent sheds her skin, transforming her deepest wounds into sources of power and compassion. The Illumination process teaches you how to clear the imprints of karma and physical and emotional disease from your Luminous Energy Field (LEF) and bring about healing at the blueprint level of your being.

reading the signs of destiny

Learn to recognize and align yourself with the signs provided by nature, randomness, and chance events. As you study the art of shamanic seeing and perceive the world of energy, you heed the cautions and seize the opportunities that Spirit offers you.

west (Extraction)
The shaman breaks free from the grip of fear and is able to journey beyond physical death. The Extraction process releases noxious energies (or entities,) and emotions from the LEF. As you shed the emotional baggage you inherited from your family of origin, you break free from generational curses passed down your family line.

walking with protection in the world

To attain wisdom and liberation, you study the shamans practices of intent, tracking, and dreaming. Learn how to walk through life with safety and assurance, bringing peace and beauty to everyone around you.

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l igh t b od y scho ol Cur ricu lum

north (Soul Retrieval)
The shaman journeys to Infinity, outside of ordinary time and space, where there are no limiting roles and beliefs. You learn the wisdom teachings of Invisibility, Mastery of Time, and the Secret. The Soul Retrieval process helps you discover and heal original wounds that have derailed your destiny. You discover how to re-write stale soul contracts, begin to live a life of grace and abundance, heal the past, and influence the future.

m asters le vel

working with the sacred

Explore the ancient myths and archetypes that guide your life journey. Learn how to come into harmony with the forces of spirit and nature in order to live your destiny more fully.

east (Life & Death Rites)

The shaman learns to dream the world into being by mastering energy and intention to create reality. Learn how to assist a loved one in their final journey, discover maps to the afterlife described by the great spiritual traditions and learn to navigate gracefully through lifes transitions.

Once you complete The Light Body School, or if you already have a background in energy medicine or shamanism, you can apply to join the Masters track. Prerequisites required.

m a ster s le v el C ur r ic ulum
(Five One-Week Courses): Advanced Divination & Seeing, Advanced Soul
Retrieval, Mastery of Time, and two Elective Courses.

If you would like to learn more about shamanism and energy medicine, give us a call at 435-647-5988. One of our advisors will be happy to speak with you, get to know you, and determine which program is right for you. For more information and to view a video on The Light Body teachings, visit

advanced divination & seeing

Master the shamans art of tracking, seeing with integrity, and crafting sacred maps. You learn the arts of the medical intuitive and awaken your ability to scan a persons body, read the world of energy, and diagnose spiritual health or disease. You learn how to draw the maps that will support healing for yourself, your clients and loved ones.

advanced soul & destiny retrieval

Learn to assist others to step into their destiny with non-attachment, influence events that occurred in the past, and change fate into destiny. Through practical exercises, you will learn to recover soul parts that have been lost as result of trauma, renegotiate destructive soul contracts, and retrieve gifts that will help your clients heal.

mastery of time The shaman knows there is a sea of consciousness that is universal even though we each perceive it from our own shores; an awareness and a world that we all share, that can be experienced by every living being yet is seldom seen by any. And the shaman is the master of this other world. He lives with one foot in this world and one foot in the world of Spirit.
Dance of the Four Winds, Alberto Villoldo & Eric Jendresen Learn to dance at the razors edge where there is no clock time. You learn skills to master dream time, waking time, sacred time, and linear time. As you step into infinity, you can consciously create the time to come.

electi v e COURSEs
reading the signs of destiny
Learn to recognize and align yourself with the signs of destiny provided by nature, randomness, and chance events. Study the art of shamanic seeing and learn to perceive the luminous world of energy, heeding the cautions, and seizing the opportunities that Spirit offers us.

walking with protection in the world

Study the shamans practices of intent, tracking and dreaming to attain wisdom and liberation. Learn how you can walk through life with protection and light, bringing peace and beauty to everyone around you.

M a s t e r s l e ve l curric ulumel e ct i v e CO URSE S:

Whether you are on the path to personal healing or wish to deepen your mastery as an energy medicine practitioner, these classes will enhance the breadth and depth of your training. Please note: These elective courses are open to all students and to the general public. They may be taken individually or as one of your Masters Level electives.

working with the sacred

Explore the ancient myths and forces that guide your dreams, your archetypes and your life journey, as you bring life into harmony in order to live your destiny.

the munay-ki
Receive and learn to bestow the nine energetic transmissions or rites, that heal you and transform your human energy field into that of homo luminous one who lives a life free of fear and resides in his or her transcendent nature. Learn the exact form of the rites of passage and the skills to facilitate this initiation for friends and clients.

Personal Healing Intensives & Private Consultations

Personal Intensives focus on detoxification, cleansing and renewal of the body, while combining the most advanced western medical discoveries and shamanic techniques that help repair your brain and support healthy lifestyle choices. Special Intensives led by Alberto Villoldo PhD will include Mark Hyman MD. Private Consultations are tailored to your individual needs and are conducted via telephone.

the womens altar

Rites of passage allow you to leave behind those parts of yourself that no longer serve you, go through a symbolic death and a re-birth in which you are welcomed back into the world for the first time again. Learn the rites of passage -as you step from maiden, to mother, to sage- that society did not offer you, and create meaningful rites which assist your clients, your daughters and your mothers, to taste the power of the sacred feminine.

neuroscience of enlightenment
Learn advanced energy medicine techniques that help repair the brain and set the mind free from repetitive behaviors and limiting beliefs. Learn how to use neuro-nutrients and energy medicine practices to help you, or your clients, heal from emotional suffering and experience enlightenment. I just finished the first direction of The Light Body School a few weeks ago and am still awing over what an amazing experience it was! Thank you for your time and bringing such beatuiful teachings to the world! -Renee J.

Personal Growth
The Four Winds Society Light Body School offers a non-certification option for those who are interested in a path of personal growth and deep personal healing versus working as an energetic practitioner or coach.


Unique expeditions to sacred places, where you can meet and work with shamans and prophecy keepers.

The Four Winds Society offers shamanic expeditions to the Andes and the Amazon where you will personally meet and work with the shamans and prophecy keepers. Led by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Linda Fitch and Marcela Lobos, each expedition offers you the opportunity to recharge, reconnect in sacred ceremony, heal, and learn to dream the world into being.

featured expedition: the via illuminata

A journey of healing, ceremony, and transformation at sacred sites in the Andes. Experience Peru, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, following in the footsteps of ancient shaman-healers. Additional Expeditions: Peru, Chile, Africa Contact our office for early registration offers. For detailed itineraries, schedules, and registration information, visit

My experience with The Four Winds has changed my life forever. It has shown me how to embrace life, how to embrace me and how to embrace the oneness of all. I have learned how to see, to appreciate, and to honor the beauty in everything and everyone that graces my path. Everything has meaning in my life. I have never before felt so connected and so at peace. I cannot begin to express the gratitude that I feel for your part in my journey. I feel like I am standing at the top of a mountain, poised to fly, knowing with every cell of my body that any diretion will be just perfect. Thank you for being in my life. -Linda Lenches

Why Travel with The Four Winds Society?

For over 30 years The Four Winds Society has been leading expeditions to sacred places. Our expeditions are not mere vacations, but spiritual journeys where we immerse ourselves in the rich culture of the Amazon, Andes, and Sacred Valley. We work with the Laika, some of the most extraordinary medicine men and women in the world, the keepers of the prophecies who lead us in ceremony at spectacular sacred places in the Andes. Through decades of responsible relationships, we have earned the trust and respect of the shamans we work with. Your travel facilitates clothing and economic assistance to their villages by helping two schools and an orphanage in the Andes, and provides school supplies and clothing for more than 500 children. As I headed back from the jungle, through Puerto Maldonado and just above the apus and through Cusco and the sacred valley one last time for this visit, my heart swelled with warmth and love and such deep connection. As I sit back home, I feel the beautiful connection. It was beautiful to experience this expedition that you have so lovingly and intentionally created with such impeccability. My soul sings out with the gifts from the mountains! -Chris Pateros

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The Four Winds Society the Harvard of neoshamanism

Harpers Bazaar, January 2011

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continuing education
The Four Winds Society is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, (Provider #14518 for 36 contact hours); the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) (Provider #45162711); the National Association of Social Workers (Provider #886586083-9649 for 17 Clinical Social Work contact hours), and the California Board of Behavioral Sciences for 17 hours of continuing education credit for MFTs, LPCCs, LEPs, and/or LCSWs.

ca l l us tod ay:

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