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X-Box Kinect Bowling Tournament

July 12, 2012 at Hilos de Plata Senior Center
El Paso,Texas Humana Inc. and the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department will host an X-Box Kinect Bowling Tournament at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 12, 2012 at Hilos de Plata Senior Center, 4451 Delta Dr. The free event is open to seniors, 50 years of age and older.


By Ray Vigil Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in El Paso, Texas


Do your parents spend much time online?
Sometimes older parents can be apprehensive about using the Internet and conducting business online. There is no reason they should be when it comes to Social Securitys online services at, which are consistently rated not only the best and easiest to use in government, but in the private sector as well.

To the left of the page you will find our top services. Virtually anything you want to do online can be found here: apply online for retirement, disability or Medicare benefits; get an instant, personalized estimate of future benefits with our online Retirement Estimator; and obtain information about how to get or replace a Social Security card. One of the hottest new services is getting your Social Security Statement online. Just complete the authentication process, much like the sort you would go through when requesting a credit report online, and youll be able to set up your online Social Security account. Once you do, you will have online access to your Statement, which includes detailed estimates of future benefits, and a summary of your work history through the years. This is especially helpful for parents who may be planning for retirement. Our website offers many other services as well, such as online forms and publications, an easy application to apply for Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug costs, icons to our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, and information categorized by subject matter or by audience. Take your parents for a visit to It is one small way you can give back to those who have given so much for you.

What are some of the reasons your parents may want to visit Allow us to show you around so you can give Mom and Dad the proper tour. Front and center, there is always a series of illustrated panels. This is where we share new messages, initiatives, and items of interest, such as breaking news and tips on new or improved online services. To the right, youll find a big question mark: that is where you can find our most frequently asked questions and the answers to them. If your parents have a question about Social Security, chances are someone else had the same question. We have collected them on our website, and it is easy to search for questions on a variety of Social Security topics. Smack dab in the middle of the page is where you can find press releases and the latest news about Social Security.

Humana is dedicated to making business decisions that reflect their commitment to improving the health and wellbeing of their members, associates and the communities in which they serve. Laura Nebhan, Humana Marketing Sales Support Specialist says, We are very excited in sponsoring this event in coordination with the El Paso Parks and Recreation Department and invite seniors to participate. Registration is available at any Parks and Recreation Senior Center.

Information (915) 533-3207

Elderly travelers and Ex-Pats living in Mexico

a budget and you want to ride the open spaces in your RV or in some other type of conveyance, dont despair, help is available if you only know where to look for it. The desire for you to travel now, in your twilight years, is understandable because when you were younger, you didnt have the time or the resources to go where you wanted. But, now, youre retired and you have the time. With the price of gasoline quickly dropping in El Paso and across this great land, you might even now have the resources. Gas in some places in El Paso has dropped down from a high of $3.89 a gallon to a measly $3.41. For seniors on a travel budget, the Internet is the place to go for finding tips to help you on your way. For example, the search engine Cheap Travel, yields 63 million results. Think about it, 63 million sites from which to choose. Why you might even be able to travel to Paris, France, if thats your bent, by utilizing the Internet to find


If youre a senior citizen on

out which way to travel without spending too much money. But, if you merely want to travel within the U.S. to a specific city or to visit a tourist attraction such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona or Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico, why the Internet can tell you how best to get there, it will even provide a map and give you the distance

able, but not too luxurious sleeping quarters are. You might not land in the lap of luxury, but, you will have

By Joe Olvera , 2012 many adventures on your trip. Continues on page 6

Grand Canyon from your home base to the attraction of your choice. Dont have too much money for hotels and such, the website can point out where the cheap, comfort-


More Risk Than Benefit to Replacing Hormones

Dr. David Lipschitz For many years, the use of hormone replacement therapy after menopause in women was felt to be invaluable in preventing disease and slowing the aging process allowing women to remain forever young. In those days, virtually every one received hormone replacement. In the field of geriatrics, it was not uncommon to initiate hormone replacement therapy in women beyond the age of 70, based on the common belief that heart disease would be prevented and memory loss slowed. Then came a landmark study from the Women's Health Initiative comparing hormone replacement therapy to a placebo (sugar pills). Women who had undergone a hysterectomy received estrogen alone. Those with a uterus received estrogen plus progesterone. The trial was abruptly discontinued because of the high risk of breast cancer, strokes, heart disease and venous blood clots. Since this report, published more than a decade ago, there has been a decline in the incidence and deaths from breast cancer, ascribed to fewer women receiving hormone replaceSome evidence suggests that most of the adverse effects of hormone replacement therapy are due to progesterone. For women who are able to take estrogen treatment alone, the risks of breast cancer and heart disease are much lower. While there is no question that hormone replacement therapy should be used for post-menopausal women who have symptoms such as hot flashes, mood disorders and headaches, their use to treat chronic conditions such as osteoporosis still remains questionable. To address this problem, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has just issued a recommendation, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, that hormone replacement therapy should not be used to treat any chronic condition, including osteoporosis. In this report, the task force notes that combined estrogen-progesterone therapy does reduce the risk of fractures in post-menopausal women and may lower the risk of diabetes. They also note that estrogen treatment alone reduces fracture risk, decreases the risk of the more dangerous invasive breast cancer and even reduces the risk of breast-cancer death. Despite these benefits, the task force strongly recommends against the use of hormone replacement therapy. They note that women taking estrogen and progesterone therapy have a higher risk of invasive breast cancer and deaths from breast cancer. Continues on page 8

ment. And today hormone replacement is virtually never prescribed initially in late life. Despite this information, many experts believe that hormone replacement therapy is valuable. They belong to a group of "anti-aging" experts who maintain that to be effective, hormone replacement must be individualized and tailored to the unique physiology of the individual woman. They are convinced that continued use of hormone replacement truly retards the aging process, promotes more vibrant skin, reduces wrinkles and assures a better sex life. However, the vast majority of the health care community does not share this point of view. Nevertheless, their position has been bolstered somewhat by the fact that hormone replacement is effective in treating osteoporosis, while other commonly used medications to build bone and prevent fractures bisphosphonates are not without significant side effects.


The Relationship
The old adage you are what you eat is well known, but have you ever really thought about what it means? We all know a heavy pasta meal might make us tired in a few hours. Sugar gives some a rush, and caffeine may provide a temporary energy boost. But the clich delves much deeper than that. You are what you eat is one of the best pieces of advice you may find for maintaining good health. As healthy eating continues to push to the forefront of newsworthy topics, more Americans of all ages are learning the value of consuming proper, wellbalanced diets. Healthy eating cultivates good overall health; it potentially helps ward off some medical conditions; and it positively affects other conditions. For instance, those with diabetes are able to maintain better health when they follow the correct diet for that disease. People with high-cholesterol can help improve that condition when following nutritional guidelines that aid in decreasing cholesterol levels. Healthy eating is beneficial in other ways, both medical and non-medical, including battling fatigue. Knowing this may be of particular interest to the senior population who are prone to experience a lack of energy and increased fatigue due to medical conditions, medications, and the aging process, in general. To make it easy to understand, this analogy may help: your body needs the proper amount


Between Diet and Fatigue

of nutrients in order to function best, very much like a car needs gasoline. Without a continual supply of nutrients and sufficient calories needed to perform both physical and mental activities, your body can become sluggish and tired on a daily basis.

The subsequent lethargy can leave you feeling much like you have run out of gas. The good news is provided your lack of energy is not caused by a medical condition or medication fatigue can easily be addressed by learning to eat well-balanced meals and snacks that contain enough calories and nutrients to keep your body in optimum health. Even if fatigue is caused by an underlying condition, medication or stress, eating well can help boost energy levels and counteract excessive tiredness. Simply eating to stave off hunger during the day is not sufficient. Continues on next page


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Elderly travelers...

Continued from page 5 Also, keep in mind that if your body outperforms its caloric intake, this can cause increased tiredness. The foods that you choose to eat are essential. However, overeating can also cause fatigue, as it causes the digestive process to work overtime and can contribute to feelings of lethargy. The key to healthy eating is choosing key foods that contain adequate nutrients and consuming these meals or snacks in appropriate portions.

In case you dont have access to the Internet, talk to your family, your neighbors, your friends about trips they have taken, especially if theyve already been to the place where you want to go. Ask them for adviceand secrets. Remember that planning your travel in advance will give you the opportunity to know what to expect. You want to find inexpensive ways to take your trip, dont you? Don let the lack of funds limit your options because great deals will be there for you to uncover. Just look for them. Of course, some elderly people take travel to extremes, such as those who travel to a foreign country, like Mexico, and they like it so much they decide to live there. Known as Ex-Pats, they have left the U.S. behind to make a life in what to them is another world. Canadian ex-pat Mark Arbour, who hails from Ontario, Canada, lives six months in Canada and six months in Merida, Mexico. What he and his wife love about Mexico is the weather, the slow pace of life, and the people. Mark is not elderly, only 45, but he and his wife have lived there since 1999. For ex-pat Mary Dwyer Bullock, moving to Mexico was a no-brainer. The beautiful scenery, the abundance of sights to see and the warm and friendly people are only some of the things me and my husband fell in love with, says Mary. Still young at 59, Mary said that Lake Chapala, where she lives, has the

Merida, Yucatan 2nd best climate in the world, has a lower cost of living, excellent health care and, besides, she doesnt have to speak Spanish because there are so many expats there who speak English, as do many of the locals.


Foods that are nutrient-rich that can help fight fatigue are not hard to find. Opt for plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetables should not be overcooked, as doing so causes a loss of nutrients. Red meat and spinach provide needed iron, while fish And such as tuna or salmon contain omega-3 they fats all of which are helpful in fighting hail fatigue. Proteins can also be obtained by from consuming fish, lean meat and beans. Nuts every offer a protein boost and are a good snack part of choice. Choose whole grain pasta, rice, the bread and cereal to complete a well-balU.S., as anced, fatigue-fighting diet. If you suspect is the your fatigue is due to poor eating habits, case for changing your diet may be all you need to Larry feel energized daily. However, there are Prater, medical conditions that can cause fatigue. 63, who It is important to discuss this with your calls care provider to determine if your fatigue himself House for rent in Merida, Yucatan may be due to an underlying health issue. an Okie In the meantime, feel free to pursue healthy from Stonewall, Oklahoma. He lives in Tepoztlan, eating habits because the end result will be Mexico with two of his friends. I started visiting Mexico in the 1960s and fell in love with it. He lives a healthier you! on his income from Social Security, speaks Spanish, References: Andrews, Jill. (2011). Food to fight fatigue. and communicates with his siblings in the U.S. Retrieved on March 22, 2012 from email and telephone. Any advice for wouldcle/375604-food-to-fight-fatigue/. Healthy eating: diet and fatigue. Retrieved on March 22, 2012 from be ex-pats? Visit before you move, rent before you Psycholobuy, and, most of all, be prepared for it to be different (2003 / 2011). Fighting fatigue with diet. Retrieved on March 22, 2012 from in the U.S. fatigue-diet.


Peace of Mind for Seniors and Their Families Starts With a Safe Home
By Sandi Smith, CSA President Comfort Keepers of El Paso & Las Cruces

Even though her son is

thousands of miles away, Mary* still hears his voice twice a day reminding her to take her medication. She recently moved into an independent living facility and at the request of her son, installed the Medication System by Comfort Keepers. The son knows it is vital that his mother adhere to her medication regimen and with the help of the medication system, she will be reminded to take her medication twice a day by her sons voice while he is deployed in Afghanistan. The safety of seniors living alone is one of the biggest concerns among adult children. Often times, the biggest risks to seniors living alone are an unexpected accident or the inability to properly manage medications. It is important to consider safety precautions as part of an everyday care plan - before an emergency strikes. Here are a few precautions that Comfort Keepers suggests families take to help seniors live safely at home alone:

tance, especially when a caregiver or family member is not at home with their senior loved one. SafetyChoice offers an around-the-clock monitoring center staffed with experienced response personnel. SafetyChoice helped an elderly woman in rural Mississippi who was hesitant to install the Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). Sandi Smith moving throw rugs, adding extra handrails and shower-grab bars. Comfort Keepers offers an easy to use home safety checklist (link highlighted words to on its website. I was adamant about not wanting that necklace hanging around my neck and getting in my way 24 hours a day. My husband had recently passed away, which left me like so many senior adults today - living alone. My children would not back down. I had to live with one of them or accept the fact that I was going to have to get a SafetyChoice PERS. Put in those terms, the decision was clear. Several months went by and she wore the necklace to keep everyone happy, but I was making it just fine on my own, she told Comfort Keepers. One day I walked across the street to my mailbox. I live in the country where you rarely see a car pass by. I turned to walk back down my driveway when it happened. Continues on next page

Medical/Ostomy Supply, Inc.

We specialize in carrying the following products for:
Ambulatory Aids To Daily Living Bath Safety Infusion/iv Supplies Ostomy Needles/Syringes Orthopedic/Soft Goods Incontinence Patient Care Enteral/Nutritional Home Diagnostic Personal Protection/Safety Professional Diagnostics Seating/Cushions Tracheostomy Care Wheelchairs/Accessories Wound Care Skin Care Urological HOURS OF OPERATION Monday thru Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Second, adding safety railings and pressure mats for

those at risk of wandering or falls can provide an extra measure of assurance as care needs change. Finally, be prepared so that help is readily available if an emergency strikes. Monitoring and emergency response technologies, such as the SafetyChoice system, offer cost-effective, around-the-clock human assis-

First, assess the living environment for fall and safety risks. Conduct a home
audit, to look for potential fall hazards or other obstructions. Take proactive measures like re-

Hablamos Espaol!

1815 Montana Ave.

(located at the Montana Shopping Village strip mall)

El Paso, TX. 79902 Fax: 915-351-1970


Continued from page 4 These women are more prone to have strokes, blood clots in the legs and lungs, gall bladder disease, memory loss, urinary incontinence and deaths from lung cancer. Migraines and heart attacks also are more prevalent. And estrogen therapy alone is not safe. Strokes, blood clots in the legs and lung, gall bladder disease and urinary incontinence are frequent side effects. Based on all these facts, most experts believe that hormone replacement therapy should be limited exclusively to women who have symptoms after menopause. The lowest dose of hormones needed to relieve symptoms should be prescribed and treatment should be continued for as short a period of time as possible. After menopause, women are more likely to develop chronic disease such as osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Every woman should be appropriately screened for these disorders. When needed, highly effective and relatively safe medications are available. Sadly, there is no "fountain of youth," and aging is inevitable and normal. To date, neither hormone replacement therapy nor any other medication can make us either feel or be younger. Dr. David Lipschitz is the author of the book "Breaking the Rules of Aging." More information is available at:

Safe Home...
Continued from page 7...I tripped, fell and busted my head on the asphalt of the road. There I was bleeding, unable to get up and lying halfway in the road. What do I do now? I remembered the button. I

pushed it. Within 15 minutes the paramedics came to my rescue out in the rural part of the country. The doctor said I could have laid there and bled to death, but thanks to SafetyChoice I am alive and telling my story. Never again will I complain. I will wear my necklace with pride and confidence knowing I am protected. It saved my life.

The ultimate goal of Comfort Keepers is to help clients achieve their number one wish to live independently in the comfort of home, wherever that may be. Committed to helping clients achieve this, we designed our unique system of caring for seniors around fostering independent living as long as possible. As leaders in our industry, we know in order to make this happen, safety must come first.

Home Ventilation
Shawn Dell Joyce Cooling our homes in the summer can account for 45 percent of our home energy use, yet it could be reduced to 10 percent or less with a few thoughtful changes. Incorporating natural ventilation into your home will help you slash your energy use and carbon emissions drastically. Become aware of the seasonal wind patterns and the air flow around your home. Most areas have gentle breezes in the summer that can be directed into your house through landscaping and opening certain windows. If you don't know which direction the prevailing winds are coming from, hand laundry on the line and watch. Once you find the wind's direction, look at your landscape and geography. Are there trees and bushes that help to funnel the breeze toward your home, or are you parking your car right in the way? Windows make a big difference in the temperature of a room. Keep windows open on the side of your home facing the wind. If they are double hung, have both open so that cool air flows in the bottom window, and warm air flows out of the top. If you open windows on two opposite sides of your home, you create cross-ventilation. This is increased by opening bottom windows on the windward side and top windows on the opposite side. Sunlight streaming through an open window warms your room and floors. A warm floor acts as a "thermal mass" and keeps warming the room long after sundown. To avoid this, close the windows and shades on the sunny side of the house first thing in the morning. You seal in the cool air, and keep out the "thermal gain." Use ceiling fans to circulate the cool air throughout the day. Many energy-efficient ceiling fans on the market have programmable thermostats that turn them on automatically as the room warms. People will tolerate warmer temper-


seasonal landscaping to our benefit. Now our future generation's survival may depend on it. Shawn Dell Joyce is an award-winning columnist and founder of the Wallkill River School in Orange County, N.Y. You can contact her at

Use passive solar to help cool your home on hot summer days. atures as long as the air is circulating well around them. Ceiling fans work best in the summer when they are adjusted to pull the air up from the floor and circulate the cooler air. Switch the fan blade direction in the winter to have the fans push the warm air from the ceiling toward the floor. Ceiling fans use a fraction of the energy of an air conditioner and can be more effective at cooling the whole space when well placed. Using ceiling fans in combination with natural ventilation can usually eliminate the need for air conditioning in a well insulated, tightly sealed home. Twenty-five years ago, most architects and builders were beginning to incorporate passive solar into new structures. Our reliance on cheap oil trumped our common sense. Now we are seeing a resurgence in passive solar as more people realize that we have to live more consciously. Part of conscious living is aligning our lives with the seasons and the region. Our survival once depended on knowing what local foods were in season, what local weather to expect and how to use


By: Doppler Dave Speelman

Swamp Cooler Doldrums

I received an email from a viewer about swamp coolers. Armando wants to know when it becomes too humid for the units to operate properly. Well, Armando, I was first introduced to swamp coolers when I worked for a television station in Amarillo. I was amazed how they worked. I always enjoyed the humidity it brought to a dry home in a dry climate. In El Paso and elsewhere, swamp coolers become inefficient when it becomes too humid. This begins to occur during the month of July when our monsoon kicks in. That's when our humidity begins to shoot up along with our temperatures. As most of you know, our evaporative coolers first cool the outside air and then blow it through our homes. The higher the outside air temperature the lower the humidity needs to be in order to drop our inside temperature the most. For example, if the outside temperature is 90 degrees or more (typical for the month of July and August here in town) and the relative humidity is 50 percent, then the swamp cooler can only cool our home to just about 80 degrees (about a 10 degree drop). If there is only about 10 percent humidity, the house will cool even more - to about 70 degrees (20-25 degree drop). So, as you can see, humidity makes a big difference. You'll notice this yourself on a hot and humid day. The process of evaporation cools your body when you perspire. The more humidity there is, the less your body can cool itself. Evaporative coolers operate great in the months of April, May and June. But once July, August and September arrive, those swamp coolers work about as good as a fan. At Right is a chart you can use to determine how much cooling you will get out of your evaporative cooler. It all depends on air temperature and humidity.

Doppler" Dave Speelman is the chief meteorologist at KVIA-TV in El Paso. You can watch his forecasts at 4, 5, 6 and 10 pm on ABC-7 (channel 6 cable). If you would like Doppler Dave to address (explain) any weather issues you can email him at


Out & About

Viva El Paso! The summertime pageant returns to McKelligon Canyon Amphitheatre for its 35th season 8:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, June 15-Aug. 12, offering an array of multicolored costumes, electrifying musical production numbers, and legendary characters.

Calendar of upcoming events for El Paso/ Southern New Mexico are from July 2012
If you want your upcoming event listed in SPOTLIGHTS Out & About section, please send all your relevant data by e-mail to:


Hwy 54 (Diana exit). Showtimes are 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Proceeds benefit EPCC Performance Studies student scholarships. Admission: $15 ($10 non-EPCC students/military; $7 EPCC students/staff and seniors). Tickets may be reserved at the Forum Box Office at 831-5056. Information: 637-4029 or

other kids of the world dream less and less and Wonderland begins to lose power. A special tea party is planned for Saturday, July 7, with costumes, finger food and, of course tea.

MWR Golf Tournament

Fort Bliss MWR will host its Open Tournament beginning with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. Friday, June 29, at the forts Underwood Golf Complexs Sunrise Course. Four-person scramble tournament. Prizes awarded for first, second and third places, and closest to the pin. Entry fee: $40 per player (includes green fees, cart. rental, range balls and lunch). Information: 568-1059.

Les Misrables Youth Opera

of El Paso presents the school edition of the musical by Alain Boubil and Claude-Michel Schnber June 29-31 and July 6-8, at El Paso High School Theatre, 800 E. Schuster. Directed by Cassidy McQuiston with additional staging and choreography by Kira Leigh LaFoe and musical direction by David Gunn and Kimberley Wolfenbarger-Nakamoto. Performances are 7:30 p.m. Friday, 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Tickets: $10 ($7 seniors, military, students and large groups). Information: 449-4069 or 309-5247 (en Espaol).

left, Wonderland is powered by her dreams and the dreams of kids around the world. When Alice has a terrible accident that leaves her an orphan, she loses all memories of Wonderland. Not only that, but technology and television are making the

The outdoor musical extravaganza highlights the four major cultures of the region, through drama, song and dance, that have called El Paso home: Native American, Spanish Conquistadors, Mexican and Western American. Tickets: $14 and $20 ($12 and $18 for military and senior; $10 and $16 for ages 2-12). Information: 231-1165 or

Alice in Wonderland El
Paso Playhouse, 2501 Montana, hosts their stage version of the Lewis Carroll classis June 29-July 21. Showtimes are 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. Directed by Stephanie Ortega. Tickets: $10 ($8 seniors, $7 military/students with ID). Information: 532-1317, Everyone knows of how a curious little girl named Alice went down a rabbit hole and found herself in a world filled with strange creatures and cats that disappear. After she

EPCC Summer Repertory

El Paso Community College Performers Studio presents three El Paso premieres for its 2012 summer shows June 14-July 29 at the Transmountain Campus Forum Theatre on


Amigo Airsho Golf Tournament The

annual fundraising tournament begins with a shotgun start at 8 a.m. Friday, June 29, at Painted Dunes Golf Course, 12000 McCombs. Registration begins at 7 a.m. Entry fee (by June 22): $500 per four-man team (includes polo shirts, breakfast, lunch and carts). Sponsorships available. Information: Carol Roberts-Spence, 727-0730 or Proceeds benefit the Amigo Airsho as well as the organizations aviation education programs, including the Dick Azar Cleared for Take-Off outreach curriculum for fifth graders in El Paso County. The 2012 Amigo Airsho is Oct. 20-21.

Cool Canyon Nights The summer series

of free outdoor summer concerts are 6 p.m. Thursdays May 31-Aug. 30 at McKelligon Canyon. Information: 544-9550, 231-1100 or June 28 Joe Barron Band

Crossland Gallery The El Paso Art Associations gallery is at 500 W. Paisano (in the Art Junction of El Paso). Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays. Admission is free. Information: 5347377. Showing June 29-July 28: The annual America the Beautiful Art Show and Sale, works in a variety of styles and mediums with patriotic theme by both El Paso Art Association members and non-members. This years judge is artist Holly Cox. Opening reception and awards gala are 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 29.


Melodies at the Park El Paso Parks and Recreations free outdoor music concerts are selected Sundays during the summer months at various city parks. All performances begin at 7 p.m. Information: Eliseo Duran, 544-0753. July 1 Sobredosis del Sabor at Vista del Valle Park, 1288 Hawkins.

Ballet recital Malinkys Ballet Clasico
of Jurez presents its annual recital at 7 p.m. Friday, June 29-30, at the Chamizal National Memorial, 800 S. San Marcial. Information: 16-39-66 (in Juarez).

Olympic Day Run City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department will host a free 5K Run/Fun Walk in celebration of nationally recognized Olympic Day at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 30, at the Don Haskins Recreation Center, 7400 High Ridge. The route winds through Westside Community Park, and is one of more than 700 events taking place nationwide from June 22-July 1 designed to engage youth while promoting the ideals of the Olympic movement. Information: Luis Rincon, 858-1929. Volumes and Molotov Solutions
The metalcore bands perform at 6 p.m. Sunday, July 1, at Ms Lips Lounge, 510 N. Stanton. Tickets: $12; available online at Information: 566-0376.

Downtown Artist Market The City

of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Departments market for area artists are Saturdays on Anthony Street in the Union Plaza area along Anthony Street. Continues on next page


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Downtown Artist Market

Summer hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Space for about 53 artists available each month. Information: 541-4481. The citys Move! El Paso Walking Trails downtown will host guided walks at 8, 8:40 and 9:20 a.m. every Saturday in June, to Information:

Market La Mujer Obreras

Mercado Mayapan, 2101 Myrtle, host its market 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays, through Oct.

28, with local farmers selling vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat, eggs and flowers. Information: 887-1520 or The Roots of Our Health Fair is 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 30. Pre-Hispanic food menu, cooking demonstration and health workshops.

Mercado Mayapan Farmers

Farmers Market at Ardovinos Desert Crossing

The 11th annual market is 7:30 a.m. to noon Saturdays through mid October. This producers only market features quality farmers, backyard gardeners and artisans such as organic and pesticide-free vegetables, locally-made goat cheeses, natural free range chickens and eggs, native plants for home and yard, freshbaked breads and salsas. The CoffeeStream will serve house-made pastries, coffee and juice on the patio; brunch offered at the restaurant at 8 a.m. Information: (575) 589-0653, ext. 3.

ter area, including the Abraham Chavez Theatre and the Union Plaza District, stages of live music including the main stage, rock stage and Latin stage, food, games 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday, June 2930. Advance tickets: $15 per night ($5 age 12 and younger); available at local Pic Quik Fina Stores. Information: 544-9550 or The Street Festival includes four outdoor stages filled with non-stop music, vendor booths offering he tastes, novelties and crafts of El Paso, a childrens carnival area and activities for the whole family.


Vans Warped Tour 2012
The 18th annual music and extreme sports event is 11 a.m. to dust Friday, June 29, at the NMSU Intramural Field (next to Aggie Memorial Stadium), featuring more than 80 bands on eight live music stages and Several extreme sports and lifestyle events and displays also featured. Tickets: $34 in advance; $36 day of show. Information: (575) 646-1420. Web: This years line up includes Taking Back Sunday, Blessthefall, Breathe Carolina, It Boys, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Dead Sara, Transit, Ballyhoo, Matt Toka, G-Easy, I am the Avalanche, Sleeping with Sirens, A Loss For Words, Tonight Alive, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, All Time Low, the Used, New Found Glory, AntiFlag, Mayday Parade, Bayside and Senses Fail.

Miss Fort Bliss pageants

The first Miss Fort Bliss (age 18-27) and Miss Fort Bliss Teen (age 13-17) will be crowned at the inaugural pageant events noon to 9 p.m. Saturday,June 30, at Camino Real Hotel, 101. S. El Paso. Contestants hope to raise money for a military related cause or charity of their choosing. Pageant scores are based on interview, swimsuit and evening gown categories. Tickets prices to be announced. Information: 820-9963 or Top 12 Miss Fort Bliss finalists will be featured in a Miss Fort Bliss promotional calendar and receive modeling opportunities.

Downtown Street Festival

The entire El Paso Convention Cen-

Elephant Butte Independence Day Elephant Butte Lake State

Parks Independence Day fireworks


are 9 p.m. Saturday, June 30. The display is launched from Rattlesnake Island in the lake, and can be viewed from the beach or on a boat. Admission fees waived for the event only. Information: (575) 744-5923.

First Fridays in Silver City

Several of historic Downtown Silver Citys restaurants, shops and Red Dot galleries will stay open late the first Friday of each month as part of the monthly First Friday shopping event. Free live music and other special events also planned each month. Information: 1-800548-9378 or A Rodeo Street Dance is 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, June 1, with childrens activities and rodeo shuttle to and from Downtown to the rodeo grounds. A Dog Days of Summer Street Dance is 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, July 6, with childrens activities and a pet parade.

Admission: $10 Saturday ($5 military); $5 Sunday; free for ages 12 and younger both days. Tickets available at All That Music in El Paso or at 474-2245. Registration fee for barbecue contestants is $30. Information/applications: or The Timberon Volunteer Fire Department will host a pancake breakfast Saturday and biscuits and gravy Sunday, from 7 to 10 a.m. both days. Donations appreciated. Independence Day Parade is 10 a.m. Saturday. Timberon is about an hours drive from Cloudcroft, N.M. It is 2.5 to 3 hours from El Paso, TX. Saturdays line-up: Noon Hard Knocks Blues Band 2 p.m. Barkin Weasel Band 4 p.m. Kat Crosby Band 6 p.m. Pat Guitar Slim Chase 8 p.m. High Octane Blues Band The Border Blues Project performs between sets on Saturday. Sundays line-up: 11 a.m. CW Ayon 1 p.m. Black Jack 3 p.m. Hillside Gamblers 5 p.m. Austin Jimmy Murphy & The Blues Alliance.

well as costume contests for adults, children and pets. Most events are free; nominal charge for UFO Museum admission. Information: 1-800822-3545 or The 3rd annual UFO Art Show is at The Gallery of the Roswell Fine Arts League. Not non-juried show features artwork from all ages.

Special events on Saturday, June 30: The Alien Chase 10K and 5K runs/walks are 7 a.m. Saturday at the Roswell Convention and Visitors Center. Entry fee: $25. The Alien Pet Costume Contest is

10 a.m. on the courthouse lawn. The Alien Costume Contest for kids and adults is 3 p.m. at the Roswell ISDs Pueblo Auditorium. The Lighted UFO Festival Parade is 6:30 p.m. starting on 8th and North Main to Alameda and South Main. Also planned is a skateboard tournament, sand volleyball, BBQ, fireworks and more. Noon Hard Knocks Blues Band 2 p.m. Barkin Weasel Band 4 p.m. Kat Crosby Band 6 p.m. Pat Guitar Slim Chase 8 p.m. High Octane Blues Band The Border Blues Project performs between sets on Saturday. Sundays line-up: 11 a.m. CW Ayon 1 p.m. Black Jack 3 p.m. Hillside Gamblers 5 p.m. Austin Jimmy Murphy & The Blues Alliance.

Roswell UFO Festival 2012

The annual celebration, marking the 65th anniversary of the 1947 UFO crash near Roswell, is Friday through Sunday, June 29-July 1, at the Roswell Convention and Visitors Center and other locations in Roswell, N.M. The fourday event features guest speakers, celebrity appearances authors, vendors, live entertainment, familyfriendly activities and carnivals, as

Timberon Bar-B-Que Festival

The Timberon Development Council, in partnership with El Paso Blues Society, will host the barbecue cookoff and weekend celebration 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday, June 30-July 1, at the Timberon Lodge lawn, with cash prize for best barbecue, arts and crafts booths food vendors, live blues music and more. Vendors now being accepted. Bring a lawn chair.


Silver City Independence Day 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, starting at the

The annual parade is 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 4, along Bullard Street, followed by the annual ice cream social is 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Silver City Museum courtyard, 312 W. Broadway. Information: (575) 538-3785 or intersection of East Creek and Pine Lodge roads. Registration/information: (575) 354-2748 or Kids rough stock rodeo is 2 p.m. Wednesday with youth ranch rodeo at 1 p.m. Friday and ranch rodeos 12:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

vations: (575) 494-0009.

cast as actors or as assistant directors or technicians.

Beauty Lou and the Country Beast Missoula Childrens The- Gordita Fest The City of Anatre will host public performances of the country twist on the classic fairy tale at 7 p.m. Friday and 2:30 p.m.

Smokey Bear Stampede The

57th annual celebration is July 4-7 in Capitan, about 20 miles north of Ruidoso. Rodeos begin at 7 p.m. each night, with nightly dances are 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. on the fairgrounds. Fireworks follow July 4 rodeo performance. Admission:$10; $5 for dance. Information: (575) 354-2202. The annual Smokey Bear Stampede Parade is 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 4, on Bear Blvd. The 31st annual 10K and 2-mile Smokey Bear Stampede Fun Run is

Halfway to Nowhere
Columbus Community Theater presents the dinner show of the musical comedy June 22-July 2, at Columbus Community Center, 200 E. North Boundary Road in Columbus, N.M. The musical spoof of the Old West is written and directed by Tim McAndrews. Dinner served at 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sundays, followed by performance. Proceeds benefit Columbus EMS. Admission: $25. Information/reser-

Saturday, June 29-30 at the Rio Grande Theatre, 211 Downtown Mall, Las Cruces. Tickets: $6 ($2 children). Information: (575) 5236403 or About 60 children 5 to 18 will be

thonys first Gordita Fest and Birthday Bash is noon to midnight Saturday, and noon to 9 p.m. Sunday, June 30-July 1, at the Anthony City Hall parking lot, 3201 Lincoln, in Anthony, N.M., with food booths, a gordita cook off and live music from Lozano Brothers, Los Traviezoz de Anthony, Mariachi, Raises and Mariachi Aguilas, a well as DJ Kid Gilbert and local ballet folklorico dancers. Special appearance by Orlando Antonio Jimenez. A car show is noon to 5 p.m. Saturday and a fireworks show is 9 p.m. Sunday. Information: (575) 8822983. Car show information: (575) 640-4040.



Medications, special shirts may calm anxious pets when fireworks start
By Dr. Marty Becker and Gina Spadafori Universal Uclick

If theres one holiday thats not popular at

U.S. shelters and veterinary emergency hospitals, its probably the Fourth of July. Thats because the fireworks and other celebrations of this midsummer bash trigger pet care tragedies a flow of lost pets, sick pets and injured pets. Loud noises startle and distress many pets, with their supersensitive hearing. Scared pets have While people been known to jump out of love the flash apartment windows, leap and bang of over or dig under fences, or fireworks, many chew their skin until its find raw. They may also bolt out an open door to become the Fourth of lost and never found, or hit July to be by a car. Even the ones who stressful. just tremble in terror may be safe, but theyre miserable. Even calm pets may seize the opportunity offered by a holiday buffet to eat something they should not. While most of the danger is on the actual holiday, the noise and parties can continue for days, especially when the Fourth falls midweek, as it does this year. The best defense against Fourth of July problems is a good offense started weeks or months before summer. Professional trainers and behaviorists start socializing dogs and making every potentially negative experience such as fireworks and thunderstorms into something rewarding. If a negative experience comes with tasty treats, then your pet is going to at least toler-

ate it, if not welcome it. This works best when started as a puppy, but dont give up hope if your dog is already an adult: New behaviors can be learned. One way to help your pet is to expose him or her to commercial recordings of thunderstorms or fireworks and play them at increasing volume. Play the recordings at low volume recognizing how acute a pets hearing is and give praise and treats. Its a party! As the volume and duration are increased during subsequent sessions, give him really tasty treats so he has the expectation of a repeat treat. Initially, play the recording for five minutes, eventually leaving it on during daily activities as normal background noise. Thats fine for next year, but what about this years holiday? Provide pets with safe hiding spaces inside your home during the holiday fireworks or a storm. Dogs and cats who are comfortable in crates can find them a good place to ride out the noise, especially if the crate is put in a quiet, darkened part of the house. Some pets are so unhinged by noise that veterinary-prescribed medications are needed to keep them calm. Valium and Xanax (and their generic versions) are well-tolerated by most pets, and many veterinarians are happy to provide you with a pre-holiday prescription. Remember to give the medications as recommended they usually work best before the rockets red glare begins. And talk to your veterinarian about other calming techniques. Some alternative-care veterinarians may recommend the herbal product Rescue Remedy,


while others can show you acupressure and massage techniques to keep pets calmer. Pet-supply retailers offer additional ways to calm your pet, such as with pressure shirts for animals, which work off the same principles that calm autistic children. The Thundershirt and The Anxiety Wrap are two such products for dogs and cats. The Calming Cap, which reduces sensory input, is another product meant to ease anxious pets. Finally, for dogs theres the Through a Dogs Ear series of music CDs that are clinically proven not to cover noise, but to use sound to calm canines. Make sure your pet isnt a casualty of Independence Day. If nothing else, keep your pet inside until the celebrations are over, and call your veterinarian for medication that can help ease the fear.


Egoist's Lament

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No-slice swing
To start your own Slice Erad-ication Program, here are five easily learned anti-slice matchups you must put in place. Matchup 1: Target and clubface. Aim your clubface correctly, so its pointing where you want the ball to start. First select an intermediate target, then use the vertical aiming lines that are a part of every clubface. Matchup 2: Body line and target line. Arrange your body correctly, with particular attention to your shoulders. The arms follow the shoulders, and if your shoulders are too open or closed at address, youll cut across the ball at impact. Matchup 3: Ball position and shoulder position. A ball thats too far forward causes the shoulders to open; too far back creates closed shoulders. Use the ball position that will allow


A whole lotta shakin goin on

Do you feel like your legs do an Elvis impression when you chip? Heres a drill that will give you the feeling of lower-body quietness. Simply cross your legs and focus on a rhythmic arm swing. Allow a bit of knee action just enough to give you the rhythm. Note that my left arm, hand and club shaft form a straight line at impact in this photo. This is necessary to keep the clubface (1) on-line and (2) on-loft. On-loft means that if you started with 60 degrees of loft at address, you deliver the clubface with 60 degrees at impact. When youre on-loft, your ABOUT THE WRITER Dr. T.J. Tomasi chips and pitches is a teaching tend to go the disprofessional in Port St. Lucie, tance you planned Fla. Visit his Web site at for, a requirement for an effective short game.

you to align your shoulders parallel to your starting line. This will vary, according to your body build. Find yours by experimentation. Matchup 4: Grip and clubface position. Positioning of the hands must allow a flat left wrist. Stay away from the slice-causing cupped wrist. A neutral grip, with the Vs formed by your thumbs and index fingers pointing between the right cheek of your face and your right shoulder, promotes a square face. Matchup 5: Foot flare and the release. The front foot should be adjusted by experimenting with less flare. The amount of flare in the front foot controls the release of the clubface the less flare, the sooner the front leg straightens, causing an earlier release by squaring the face more aggressively.

Longer clubshafts produce longer shots

All other things being equal, the longer the club shaft you use, the farther youll hit the ball. The major factor in determining how long a shaft you should use is whether or not you hit the golf ball squarely with the longer shaft. When your clubs are too short, you have a tendency to drop down into the golf ball as compensation. Thus you hit it thin if you dont drop, and fat if you drop too much. Clubs that are too long force you to pull up and out of the shot to avoid digging into the ground before you make ball contact. Either too long or too short creates setup problems as well as swing mistakes. The rule of thumb is to use the longest shaft that results in square hits, and a golf swing thats in balance.

Your swing is on plane when the clubface and the lead wrist and forearm are parallel. This tour pro also has his hat brim on plane. No wonder these guys are so good!

To stop the slice, you must let your forearms rotate through impact.

Areas of the golf course with higher grass than on the tees, fairways and greens. U.S. Opentype rough is a phrase that implies narrow fairways and bad lies if you stray just like at The Olympic Club at this years Open.